NowBaby Live online antenatal classes are proving popular

In March 2018 NowBaby launched NowBaby Live – the new online antenatal class concept.

Women have historically been invited to ‘face to face’ classes by their midwife within the hospital setting or signed up with the NCT and their private classes. Accessing antenatal education for parents to be was always pretty simple but things have changed in recent years. With the NHS making cut backs, unfortunately, antenatal education was deemed to be one of the less essential services so has been cut in some places. This had led to many women and their  being unprepared for the new arrival or having to rely on some non evidenced based information via friends, family and the internet.

Bridging the gap

NowBaby Live sought to bridge the gap by not only providing antenatal education at a reasonable cost, but also enabling parent to be the luxury of participating from their own homes. No travelling, no arranging childcare, no travel and parking fees and no uncomfortable chairs! As the 8 x 1 hour classes are held over 4 weeks, expectant parents are able to pace themselves and really take in all the information they are given with the aid of resources that are emailed to them after each class.

Marley, the midwife who hosts the classes, engages with the participants via video conferencing software and delivers the classes using a variety of tools such as videos and visual aids to demonstrate certain aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenting. The participants can interact with each other as well as the midwife and there is room for questions at the end of each class.

Participant feedback

So what has the feedback been like since the classes were launched? There has been a really positive response so far to the online antenatal course with over 95% saying they would recommend NowBaby Live classes to their friends.

The only concern one mum had was that she wished there were more classes!

Hi Amina, I just wanted to thank you so much for being there and for teaching us so much these past few weeks. We really enjoyed the online antenatal classes and got a lot out of them. You’ve managed to get a rather anxious woman to feel almost confident about everything to come! Thank you for all of the PDF’s and supplementary information that you’ve sent (we finally found the birth videos, they’d fallen in to the spam folder for some reason)!
It’s been lovely to meet you!
G & R – 14/03/2019


Marley was absolutely amazing! she went beyond the class to answer questions via email as well. very detailed, experienced, and calm way of delivering info. Would have been helpful to receive more websites/other recommended resources for further readings that are credible.

L.M –  2/8/2019


The subject matter was well presented. I wish there were a couple more sessions – just because I am a new mum.

J.B  – 12/2/2018

Great class, Great Host & definitely will recommend to other mum’s to be.
P.K –  12/2/2018

Overall, a very informative and helpful course. The midwife was friendly and engaging. I’d definitely recommend it to other expectant mums!
L.D –  11/29/2018

Excellent course and Marley was sympathetic, instructive and generally excellent.
T.R -11/1/2018

We thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend both it and Marley to other expectant couples 🙂
S.A 7/11/2018

Pretty great already actually.
B.C 8/2/2017

So whats in store for NowBaby Live’s antenatal classes in 2019? Well There are plans to look into delivering the classes in languages other than English as many women whose mother tongue is not English avoid going to antenatal classes, thus not getting the preparation they need. NowBaby Live will potentially be adding more classes to their already successful course including hypnobirthing and baby massage so watch this space!

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