What is playing on NowBaby TV ?

What is playing on NowBaby TV ?2017-12-14T16:49:29+00:00

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NowBabyTV is a unique information channel reaching mums-to-be. šIt provides factual help, advice, promotions and entertainment to a captive audience of pregnant women and their partners.

Our coverage currently consists of :

  • 324 screens in hospital antenatal waiting rooms
  • In 136 hospitals in England & Wales

The ability to deliver the right message…
To the right audience… at the right time!

We provide

Engagement with women and their partners at the earliest possible stage of pregnancy

Sharing the most commonly asked questions and providing authoritative answers for today’s modern mum-to-be

Regularly updated by Clinic Managers and midwives on the trends of today’s pregnant women


For more information

If you would like to advertise or discuss a video for NowBaby TV please contact David Salem

Mail: david.salem@nowbaby.co.uk

Call: 07989 412 168 or call 0333 600 2229