One mum-to-be was not going to be pregnant over Christmas after all.  Her baby wanted to make sure she arrived in plenty of time for the festive celebrations!

Pregnant over Christmas

The day before Christmas Eve, I was four days overdue. I was already given a date for my induction, which was due to be on New Year’s Day, so I had resigned myself to being heavily pregnant all over Christmas. It was a Saturday, and my husband had gone out for a couple of hours in the afternoon for a Christmas drink with work pals so I just pottered around the house.

However, by early evening I was getting worried that he hadn’t come home or even called to say he was going to be late. I adamantly refused to call him because I didn’t want to appear a nagging wife!

Seven hours later a very drunk husband called to say he was on his way home. I was NOT happy to say the least! Tired and emotional I went to bed.

None of us were fit to drive!

At 1am on Christmas Eve I awoke to severe pains. “This is it”, I thought to myself. I went downstairs armed with a timer and watched late-night Christmas TV. My contractions had begun five minutes apart, lasting 45 seconds. I wondered where the build-up was! I was finding it difficult to cope, but knew I couldn’t wake my husband as he was still heavy with drink. I lasted a few hours by myself but finally woke him at about 4am to put on my TENS machine and run me a bath. At about 6am he rang the hospital as my contractions were now 3 minutes apart. The midwife told us to come in immediately.

Neither of us were in a fit state to drive, so my stepdad took us to the hospital, with my mum following in her car. I wanted her to be there at the birth. I was placed in a labour room – there didn’t seem to be anyone else about!

Small but perfect

The midwife tried to take readings but I was writhing about so much it took a lot longer than it should have. Readings taken, she then gave me a pethidine jab and gas and air. I was encouraged to walk about the labour room but all I wanted to do was sleep in between contractions. Eventually I decided I couldn’t take the pain anymore and began yelling for an epidural. The midwife said that, what with it being Christmas Eve, it would take about an hour for anyone to arrive, and it might be all over by then. (I secretly think that she was just trying to get me through it without an epidural – she knew I didn’t really want one.)

Eight hours after my very first contraction, first stage of labour was over. Now, during every contraction, I was encouraged to push. I didn’t realise just how hard that bit was going to be! But I don’t think I had to push for long – 43 minutes later a baby was whisked away from me. She had passed meconium and had to cleaned up. This, I think, was the most scary part as I didn’t know if my baby was OK or not. I was handed back my baby – a beautiful girl – weighing in at 5.5lbs. Small but perfect in every way!

I was over the moon

So Georgia was born at 9.43am on Christmas Eve – my special Christmas present!

My mum and my husband were wonderful (even though one of them had a hangover!). They both shed a tear although, surprisingly, I didn’t. I was just over the moon that it was over and my baby was beautiful, and healthy.