Review: Baby Nails-The Thumble

Review: Baby Nails-The Thumble


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Baby Nails – The Thumble


Baby Nails – The Thumble®

Baby Nails is a unique wearable baby nail file that was invented by new parents. It is a safe and simple solution to baby nail care, giving you a hands-free way of keeping your little one’s delicate nails neat & trim from birth. This innovative design allows you to cuddle, feed or even read to your baby whilst filing and as the nail file is attached to our Thumble®, you can care for your baby without the worry of dropping the nail file.


Baby Nails™ is a new, unique and must have baby product for all new parents, providing parents with a hands-free way to file their baby’s nails, keeping them neat and trim. Available in two grits – ‘new baby’ is their softest (stage one) nail file grit, then moving to a medium nail file grit at ‘6 months plus’ (stage two). Their nail file age ranges are only a suggestion and you may find that one grit suits your baby’s nails better despite their age.

Features we love

The Baby Nails Large Mixed Pack contains:

– One Thumble®

– Three sticks of 5 x ‘new baby’ snap-off adhesive nail files

– Three sticks of 5 x ‘6 months plus’ snap-off adhesive nail files

– One Baby Nails pouch for safe and easy storage.


A flexible design allows the patent pending Thumble® to fit all sizes of thumbs and has an opening for your thumbnail to fit through.


Instructions for use:

1) SNAP-off a nail file

2) PEEL off the backing

3) firmly STICK the nail file to the Thumble®

4) slip the Thumble® onto your thumb and FILE your baby’s nails.


Baby Nails is an easy hands-free solution for your baby’s nail care. No longer a need for scratch mittens and its safer than using baby nail scissors or clippers. Just perfect to use when breast or bottle feeding your baby.

Baby Nails is an essential item for a new baby. Perfect as a maternity present or baby shower gift.

Suitable from birth onwards, tested for safety from 0+ months.

This is for adult use only. It is not a toy.

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7 reviews for Review: Baby Nails-The Thumble

  1. clg1990

    The thumble is a very neat little invention. No more tears and scuffling with my two children when it comes to doing their nails. It is extremely easy to use without drawing attention to the fact you are actually filing their nails as you can multitask and read them a story at the same time. I have found this product very useful and a great addition to the household.

  2. Kate

    I love this baby nail set! I wish I had discovered it sooner! I’ve been using it on my now two year old and she thinks it’s great too. She hates having her nails cut and very rarely lets me near her with the scissors. This none invasive approach to nail filing is much safer and I would recommend it for any child that won’t keep still but especially for newborns who have such tiny nails.

    The pastel coloured files and thumble are easy to use and my daughter likes watching them move over her little fingers and toes. You get plenty of files so I can see this lasting us a very long time. You just peel the sticky tab of the file, stick it to the thumble and you are good to go. I like the fact that I’m not actually holding the file so all my fingers are free to hold my daughters hands. If you keep on top of your little ones nails with this file then you won’t need scissors and it doesn’t take more than five minutes. Definitely and essential for parents with new babies!

  3. Blue0rchid

    I have always dreaded cutting my 10 month old daughters nails; partly because I have accidentally nipped her skin with the clippers making it a traumatic experience for us both.
    She has severe eczema on her face and would claw at it until it bleeds no matter how short I had trimmed her nails.
    With the Thumble she can no longer attack her face as it files her nails smooth.
    There have been no tears and she actually seems to enjoy having her nails files and I am not stressed and worried about cutting her.
    I love the fact this comes with files for newborns as well as files for 6 months plus. It is so simple to use and the price point of £9.99 is fantastic, although I am not sure how much the refills will be.
    I wish I had known about this sooner so as to eliminate nipping her finger with the nail clippers and potentially could have prevented her clawing at her skin.
    I would most definitely recommend the Thumble to all parents of babies and young children.

  4. bobbydaz7

    This product comes in a lovely little bag and several spare files in both stages. This is really handy for keeping it all together and being able to replace the file as needed, the number of spares means you’d get a few years use out of it which makes it great value for money. Very easy to set up and use, comfortable on your thumb and makes filing my baby’s nails easy. I still feel I need to cut her nails first but then use this to smooth the edges or the smooth over a nail until I can get to cut it.

    I’d definitely recommend this, the only issue I found was the files do lose their sticky at the edges so I keep pushing them back down. It’s not actually fallen off though.

  5. babytargett

    I always dreaded trimming my daughter’s nails (age 7 months) as she squirms around a lot and I’m scared of nipping her with the nail scissors or clippers. The Baby Nails kit is absolutely fantastic as it feels a lot safer to use. The thumble files are easy to use and work well but they’re not so abrasive that they hurt the skin if rubbed when filing. The files are nicely sticky and feel good quality. My husband is happy to use them as well so taming our daughter’s claws has now become a lot easier. Good value for money too as they will last ages.

  6. Jackson5

    This is an amazing product, wish It had been available when my 8 year old was small. I have used this with my fidgety 4 year old and 20 month old. There have been no fidgeting or wriggling by them and they have sat happily to have their nails smoothed by these files. That has saved any injury from scissors or clippers which I’ve sadly had before with them.
    This is an ideal kit for newborns and older children, the boys love the colors and I love that it can only take around 5 minutes and they are all smoothed and filed. The kit comes in a handy pouch to keep the files all together and take away if needed. The files are very easy to use and the pack contains clear instructions. I would certainly recommend to families with small children. Ideal gift for a baby shower too.

  7. hayleyparsons

    Having two children I’ve certianly experienced the nail cutting dilemma – which is they won’t let you cut their nails!! This is a lovely compact product, which is discreet with its lovely pastel colours. The Thumble is easy to use with straight forward instructions and would definitely fit most thumb sizes! The files come in two sizes which is great for parents with multiple children. My daughter recently had hand foot and mouth and after all her nails peeling off to reveal newer softer nails below the surface I was looking for a product that was a little gentler in her tiny fingers.

    Lovely innovative product and would make a nice gift for a new Mother.

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