Review: Baby Self-Feeding

Review: Baby Self-Feeding


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Baby self-feeding puts your child in the driver’s seat, helping to establish a positive relationship with what’s on his plate. This book helps you encourage a confident and healthy eater at an early age.


Baby Self-Feeding by Nancy Ripton and Melanie Potock

Let your baby take control of their eating habits and create a healthy relationship with food!

Your baby’s relationship with food starts with her first bite. Set your child up for lifetime of healthy, adventurous eating by letting her lead the way.

Baby self-feeding puts your child in the driver’s seat, helping to establish a positive relationship with what’s on his plate. This book helps you encourage a confident and healthy eater at an early age.

Fair Wind Press Baby Self-Feeding offers practical solutions, step-by-step ways to transition your baby to early solid foods and smart-start purees. Homemade baby foods avoid the excess sugar, sodium, dyes, and fillers found in commercial products – plus, they’re easy to make even if you are short on time. Let your baby learn to eat at her own pace with Baby Self-Feeding.

Baby Self-Feeding: Solid Food Solutions to Create Lifelong, Healthy Eating Habits by Nancy Ripton and Melanie Potock, published by Fair Winds Press (£16.99), is out now.






3 reviews for Review: Baby Self-Feeding

  1. twinkletwinkle

    This book is easy to use as a reference book but equally great to read through as you like.
    The content covers a wide spectrum of topics from anything to weaning your baby from breast to bottle to table manners and picky eaters.
    At the end of each chapter there is a summery and throughout the book there are boxes filled with facts, surveys and tips. Unfortunately most of the surveys have been conducted in the United States which I personally found less relevant to me. Also some of the midwifery advice contradicts that of the UK.

    I particularly enjoyed the chapter on ‘Understanding your child’s early needs’. A very informative chapter on the different food groups, how much your child needs of each and what foods are in each group.
    The last three chapters includes some fabulous recipes for each stage of the weaning process. My daughter used to love broccoli when I first started to introduce finger foods but now isn’t keen however she loves the broccoli bite recipe. Broccoli mixed with cheese, eggs and breadcrumbs. Great as a healthy snack or an addition to dinner.
    I have really enjoyed cooking some of these recipes and it has inspired me to elaborate on those and search for others.

    As with all my children I have adopted a self feed attitude. My daughter likes to touch and feel her food however this is a messy affair. By reading this book I have learnt how beneficial self feeding can be. Having a good relationship with food is something I truly believe in.

    All in all I have enjoyed ‘Baby self feeding’. Worth the money and I will be recommending it to my friends.

    A really lovely book!

  2. Lisa

    I really enjoyed reading this book, lots of useful ideas, tips and recipes.
    I particularly liked the hazards, allergies and special diets in chapter 7 as my son has food allergies so lots of useful information in there for me.

    I also found the recipes easy to make and are different from the things I would normally make.

    i highly recommend ‘Baby self feeding’ to my friends and I think it is definitely worth the money.

    Overall a very good and informative book!!

  3. Shellmc

    I found this book to be very informative about the weaning process. It’s about three quarters information and and one quarter recipes. It’s written in a very ‘textbook’ way in American English.

    I’m currently starting the weaning process with my second child who is 6 months old. As this is my second, I found I’m a lot more relaxed this time round, I found reading this book interesting, whereas I think first time round I would have been a bit panicked by it all (Watch the salt! No sweets! TV off!) – all good advice but sometimes in reality the TV might be on and the odd treat might end up in the mix, oops!

    The recipes are simple and easy to follow, personally I would have liked a few more and more guidance of what to give in the first few weeks. I’ve got another well-known weaning cook book and really liked the way it completely steps you through the process.

    The RRP is £16.99 which I think is a little bit too much for what it is, I’d expect to pay around £10 for a weaning book.

    Overall, if you want to learn all about the baby weaning process and follow it’s good advice, this is the book for you!

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