Review: BabyStyle Oyster Switch Stroller

Review: BabyStyle Oyster Switch Stroller


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The Oyster Switch is absolutely ideal for summer holidays or indeed any family travels all year round.


BabyStyle Oyster Switch Stroller

BabyStyle are the brains behind the Oyster brand and the Oyster Switch fully compliments the ever growing Oyster collection.

The Oyster Switch is absolutely ideal for summer holidays or indeed any family travels all year round.  The Switch comprises of a lightweight aluminium chassis and as a complete unit still weighs only 8kg.  The Oyster Switch has a fully reclining seat unit so is suitable to use from birth but transforms easily to a travel system with the use of car seat adapters as it is then compatible with either the Oyster or the Maxi Cosi CabrioFix car seats.  The seat unit is fully reversible and folds up to a compact size even with the seat unit still in position, when folded the Switch also free stands perfect for storage in holiday accommodation when space can so often be at a premium.  The Switch also features lockable front swivel wheels and also includes a rain cover because as we all know the sun can’t shine every day!

The Oyster Switch is available in a choice of 6 colours: Black, Slate Grey, Grape, Hot Pink, Navy or Lime.  Matching accessories for the Switch are also available.

Key Features.

  • Lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Compact telescopic fold
  • Centred carry-handle for ease of transportation
  • Fully reclining seat suitable from birth
  • Compatible with Maxi Cosi Pebble and CabrioFix car seats with the use of the Imp Multi Car Seat adaptors, also compatible with Oyster car seat with use of the Imp LB321 Car Seat adaptors.
  • Extendable hood
  • Includes rain cover
  • Rear suspension
  • Lockable front swivel wheels

Weights & Dimensions.

  • Weight: 7.1kg
  • Open/Erect: H109cm x W52cm x L88cm
  • Folded: H103cm x W28cm x D23cm
  • Seat back: H43cm
  • Seat width: 33cm
  • Seat depth: (front to back): 20cm
  • Wheel diameter: 15cm.

Available from all leading independent retailers and is also available from John Lewis and Mothercare it is priced at an appealing £169.00.

For more information on the Oyster Switch or any of BabyStyle’s other award winning products please visit their website where you can view them all.

3 reviews for Review: BabyStyle Oyster Switch Stroller

  1. Octavia

    The Oyster is a collapsible pushchair that has the additional (and fairly unusual) feature of being swappable to face either way. This alone recommended it to me, but I also really like the height of the seat. It’s wider than some other buggies too, making for a very comfy ride.

    The hood attaches to the frame of the buggy with a simple slide-in-and-click attachment, which I find useful as I like to take a pushchair out as ‘naked’ as possible and I have struggled on other models of buggy to take the hood unit off. The Oyster’s is very easy to remove. The frame of the hood feels a bit flimsy at first – very flexible and not especially solid – but it works fine. You don’t have to move it, regardless of which direction the seat is facing, which is a very neat piece of design. You simply pull the fabric and the secondary hoop through underneath the main hoop and there it is, facing the other way. My hood doesn’t have a window, although I believe some do, and I think it can be a useful addition (though in my experience you always end up going round to look at the passenger anyway!). Another plus is that because it’s designed to work both ways the fabric is waterproof on both sides, lessening the chances that if you get caught out without the raincover water will start to drip through. The raincover is a nicely tailored type, fitting extremely well and going down a good distance to the footrest – some buggies tend to have unwieldy covers that flap in the wind, or alternatively are too short so a toddlers feet get wet in heavy rain. The cover goes over the hood as well, which is a big plus for me – I’ve had other covers that zip or clip onto the front and in my experience the waterproofing tends to go on the hood meaning that rain drips through. A zip can also be the last thing you want to be mucking about with as the heavens are opening.

    When it comes to the seat: I absolutely love that the seat faces both ways. I really enjoy chatting to whoever’s in the buggy and it’s really great to have the option of facing me or facing the world. It’s very simple to unclip at the sides, turn it round and then reattach by lining up the arrows and sliding the clips in. The seat also sits higher than usual which is nicer for the passenger, I think – they get a better view rather than staring at people’s knees – and also means that a long-legged toddler is less likely to be able to reach down with their feet and punt the buggy around. (I have on occasion left the buggy for a minute at school and come back to find it somewhere completely different – usually blocking someone’s way – and an innocent-looking passenger hastily tucking his feet back onto the footrest.) The recline goes back almost horizontally, which is fantastic if you have a fussy napper – one of mine slept outside in his buggy for naps for about two years and it’s a big help if you know they’re comfortable. The seat is well padded, too. A minor quibble would be that it doesn’t sit ‘up’ quite far enough and I found that passengers were tending to sit bolt upright away from the back, not liking to be half-reclined when they weren’t sleepy. I liked the leg-rest as well – ideal for babies whose legs need the support. I did struggle slightly with the harness. As with other popular buggies the shoulder-straps attach to the end of the waist-straps and then the waist-straps clip into the crotch strap. There are two padded shoulder pieces and a padded crotch piece. The shoulder-pads come off easily enough if you want to just use the lap-belt for an older toddler, but the crotch-padding – while very good for a baby, especially bare-legged – doesn’t come off (except with scissors 🙂 )and tends to get frustratingly in the way, especially if you’re in a hurry.

    In terms of carrying capacity, the square net basket underneath looks nice and roomy but it’s deceptive. The framework lies across the top of it, making it very hard to actually get much of anything in there. Our first trip out was to buy a few bits from the supermarket and the children ended up carrying home the cereal boxes because they wouldn’t fit between the arms of the framework into the basket. If you wanted to put a bag of shopping in there you just can’t because it would sit on top of the framework instead of going in the basket.

    To fold the Oyster you press the buttons on each side as well as pulling up the ‘collapse’ handle. In my view this is quite a major pain, as on many occasions you will need to fold the buggy while also holding onto a child – for instance when getting on a bus or in a busy carpark. Being forced to let go of your child so you can drop the buggy to put it in the boot or get on the bus is really far from ideal. It’s simply not possible to collapse it one-handed. You can set it up one-handed, though, by unclipping the side-clip and lifting it off the ground – it will drop half into shape and then you can put your foot on it to push it the rest of the way. It stands up very nicely, though, because it folds back on itself rather than forward into itself – meaning that the side-struts slide forward to rest on the ground when it’s upright. That means if you need to store it upright you don’t have to lock the wheels before you fold it. The top of the seat tends to flop forward when it’s shut but that’s a very minor quibble – if it’s up against a wall then you won’t even notice. You do need to ensure that the wheels are facing backwards, otherwise it won’t stand up.

    Overall I really like this buggy – it does a lot that other buggies don’t do and seems really comfortable. There are some minor quibbles but most are compromises that you have to make in order to get the features. I’ve taken off one star for the quibbles, and the fact that you’d be well advised to take a wrist-strap with you in case your toddler doesn’t feel like standing quietly while you collapse it, but other than that I think it’s good value for money, feature-rich, looks good and seems like it will last well.

  2. bex993

    The BabyStyle Oyster Switch Stroller is fantastic and is definitely worth the money in my opinion. My favourite thing about this stroller is that it can parent face as well as outward face. I haven’t come across many strollers that can parent face for this price. It is very compact once folded although I do find it a bit tricky to fold down. It is very light to carry and with the handle it makes it easy to take from the house to the car which is great when you’re carrying a baby too! The hood is a great size for a stroller and I love that when you change the seat position you can just flip the hood inside out instead of having to take it off and turn it round, very clever. It manoeuvres easily and I can steer it with one hand. It feels sturdier than other strollers I have used and my little girl seemed very comfortable in it. The instructions that came with the stroller were a bit difficult to understand, there were only diagrams and no text which I found a bit frustrating. One disappointing aspect of this stroller is the basket. Although I think the size is good there is a X bar above it which means you can’t get anything big in it like a changing bag. Overall this stroller is excellent value for money and I would recommend it.

  3. Haggis

    Having 3 children has meant I have tried many different types of pushchairs and travel systems. I have never had a pushchair that is all in one and parent facing so I was keen to try this out with my 4 month old baby and toddler.

    Setting this pushchair up was easy once I understood the instructions. The whole seat can be parent facing or forward facing and is really easy to adjust. You click the whole seat and connect the way you want it. The hoods turns inside out and adjusts accordingly. The seat lies flat so is suitable from birth and has a good one click up for slightly older nosey babies. My toddler happily seats forward facing and it has a good foot rest for them. The buckles are good apart from the pretty cover for the clip which makes getting a wriggly toddler hard to get in. There is an option to purchase adapted for a car seat if you wish.

    I find the pushchair easy to control and can be steered one handed while trying to control the toddler. I have attached my buggy board to it and it fits well. The break is accessible and strong too. Closing this buggy is a bit annoying as you have to click in 2 buttons first and then fold which isn’t quick and you can’t do one handed. When folded it free stands most of the time! The rain over attaches easily too. It is reasonably light too so can be lifted into a car boot with ease.

    There are a few things that bother me on this buggy. When parent facing it doesn’t fold as flat as it could as the hood is in the way and you really have to flatten it for the clip to fasten. The main issue for me of this buggy is the shopping basket though which is really important to me as I have a baby and toddler. The size is good but access difficult. There needs to be a zip entry as the basket is covered by a cross of the buggy so cannot fit in a changing bag. I have to take stuff out the bag to place into basket which is time consuming.

    Overall this buggy is good value for money and a great little ride. I love the parent facing option for a young baby and he fact it is an all in one. There is a lovely choice of colours too. I would recommend it to others and will happily use this with my baby until she is a toddler.

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