Review: Bump It Up!

Review: Bump It Up!


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In BUMP IT UP, Greg Whyte  dispels the many myths surrounding exercise and pregnancy to offer  guidance on how to exercise safely and eat healthily.


A consultant to numerous sportswomen and celebrities, and the performance expert behind the incredible Comic Relief and Sports Relief challenges, Professor Greg Whyte OBE is well known for his innovative fitness programmes which are regarded as the gold standard when it comes to healthy living.

In BUMP IT UP, Greg clears away the confusion and dispels the many myths surrounding exercise and pregnancy to offer invaluable guidance on how to exercise safely and eat healthily through each trimester and beyond. Describing pregnancy as a two-year journey, not merely one that lasts for nine months, Greg, a father of three, also explains how the right exercise and a healthy, balanced lifestyle will …

· boost your chances of conception
· help you to be fit and relaxed through each stage of your pregnancy
· reduce your stress levels as you prepare for labour
· keep you energized and active as you adapt to the demands of motherhood

Guiding you through each trimester, Greg provides an easy-to-follow, fully illustrated exercise programme suitable for all levels of fitness, and a healthy eating plan, which includes expert guidance on nutrition and a range of delicious and adaptable recipes created by an award-winning food writer.

Designed to keep you feeling on top form, and with an inspirational foreword by mum and celebrity fitness expert Davina McCall, BUMP IT UP is both practical and empowering – a one-stop-shop for essential advice on how to be fit, active and healthy before, during and after pregnancy.

3 reviews for Review: Bump It Up!

  1. Sharleyjp

    This is not a book I would normally rush out to buy but a quick flick through for anyone would show it should be the book all pregnant women buy, even if you have been pregnant before.
    Once I had the book at home I looked at the various sections in more detail, it is more of a reference guide rather than a start – end read. It covers some gentle exercising with great image and description and these are some of the same exercises recommended by NHS health professionals to me for physio as well so I feel I can trust the exercises are safe.
    The book is well laid out and provide the advice and the science / research behind it for you to understand why / how something is good or bad for you. The book doesn’t just cover the obvious three trimester stretch it covers the before and after as well. Through there is essential practical advice and provides not just physical exercise support but also nutritional information on your diet as well as foods to avoid (and why) as well as some handy recipes, I have yet to get round to trying these but did manage to pass two on to a friend who was suffering from morning sickness – she was very pleased!
    I just wish I had found this book in trimester 1 rather than towards the end of my second trimester, it could have saved me a few trips to the physio and a lot of internet searches!
    I must also say that the language used by the author strikes the right balance of informative without being clinical or pushy. It isn’t a book expecting you to be super healthy and the author isn’t talking down to you.
    Seriously I think every woman who is pregnant or planning on getting pregnant should read this book – so informative, useful and reliable.

  2. Blue0rchid

    I didn’t read any books through my 1st pregnancy and relied heavily on internet searches to get me through any queries I had.

    This book is geared at all stages – from fertility to 6 weeks after birth.

    Being over-weight I assumed this book would be based on helping the already super-fit with exercises that I wouldn’t have been able to perform even had I not been pregnant but I was very wrong. The exercises were easy to follow and not difficult to perform; my 5 year old was able to do them with me.

    The book also has simple recipes to follow and practical advise to follow to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

    i would highly recommend this book.

  3. harri

    Currently in the early stages of my third pregnancy, I have found myself frequently confused and frustrated about the huge amount of contradictory advice I have been offered on the subject of pregnancy and exercise. I’m relatively fit and have been keen to maintain some level of fitness (and sanity, that for me comes from being active) through my pregnancy and so this book immediately appealed to me.

    Its a reassuring read and a book that I will definitely dip back into throughout my pregnancy for fitness, health and nutrition advice. Some of the advice is fairly standard and at times a little repetitive but the tone is great – non judgemental or preachy and gently motivating – ideal for tired & emotional pregnant ladies.

    I think the inclusion of a post-partum section is especially thoughtful as I find that this period is frequently lacking from all pregnancy books and the majority of advice post birth is largely about the baby so it’s a great guide for the mum to try and stay a little active and therefore energised through this tough and sleep deprived period.

    The recipes are really interesting too – really tasty sounding dishes that aren’t overly complicated or expensive to prepare. I’ve tried a couple and will definitely be making more in the coming months.

    This is a very good guide and an enjoyable read that can be trusted and utilised from pre conception to birth and beyond.

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