Review: Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt

Review: Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt


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The Cantaloop Pregnancy Support belt can provide relief when your belly starts to grow


3 reviews for Review: Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt

  1. Blue0rchid

    The Cantaloop Pregnancy support belt is a discreet support belt that you can wear under your clothes.
    Being in my 3rd trimester I have suffered quite a lot with lower back pain I jumped at the chance to try something to help relieve some pain. The Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt looked quite small to me when I opened the packaging and I thought it wouldn’t fit, it looked like a tube type bandage but being made from 91% Polyamide and 9% Elastane it was very stretchy. The Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt expands as your tummy grows meaning it will last your whole pregnancy.
    It is very easy to put on and there are no fiddly Velcro fastenings to contend with. I would put this on in the morning and keep it on all day without it becoming uncomfortable as you barely notice you are wearing it. If it did become uncomfortable one of the benefits of it being small and light weight is that you could easily slip it in to your bag.
    My only negative comment was that it could have been firmer support but that is just a personal preference. The support belt did as it said it would – it was comfortable and provided support throughout the day.
    The support belt comes in small, medium, large and xlarge and because of the material will support you throughout your whole pregnancy. It is machine washable to 40 degrees and comes in 3 colours – white, black and nude.
    I would definitely recommend this product.

  2. franh

    The Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt was something that really got me excited. I am 23 weeks pregnant and feel like when I wear my maternity jeans I do feel supported but my maternity leggings are so much more comfier, but offer no support what so ever and I am starting to feel like I need it. So I was really looking forward to trying this. First impressions on opening were that it seemed quite small. I had measured myself following the manufacturers instructions prior to ordering to ensure I ordered the correct size and on seeing the size of the belt and trying to get it on I asked my husband to measure me again incase I had done it wrong, but I hadn’t, so the belt wasn’t a great fit. I would definatley recommend a size or two up
    From however you measure. The fabric of the belt feels a little bit like a very thick pair of tights and i tend to find tight quite a good support of my tummy before pregnancy so once I managed to get the belt on I was fully expecting some really nice firm support of my tummy and back but did feel a little let down by this, I really think this belt could offer much more support than what I feel I got. The fabric did feel like good quality, it comes in different colours and a good range of sizes but I just don’t feel that it delivered on what it advertised to do.

  3. babytargett

    I am now 26 weeks pregnant and am really starting to notice my bump is feeling heavier and in need of more support, so I was keen to try out the Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt.

    The belt is a very lightweight piece of stretchy material which you can just slip on and don’t need to fasten in any way. It does look very small but has a lot of stretch so I find it very easy to put on and take off.

    Once it is on, the band is very lightweight so easily works under my clothes without being too bulky. It is also a breathable material so does not feel sweaty or too hot. There are no labels or anything on it so nothing to feel scratchy or irritating on my skin.

    I have the black version (it also comes in nude and white) and found it worked well under non-maternity trousers (when I could still do them up!) to cover the bump and help me get use out of the non-maternity trousers for longer.

    Although the band is light, it does feel quite firm and I would say it provides a reasonable amount of support to the bump. The front bump panel is stretchier than the rest of the band so there is room to grow and I’m confident it should last well throughout my pregnancy. I would say the sizing does seem to come up a bit on the small side, as I think it would be even more comfortable if the band was slightly bigger and wider. Occasionally I have found the band rolls up a little at the back, although it fits well over the bump, so I would recommend getting a larger size than usual.

    Finally, the Cantaloop band washes well and dries quickly so seems to be well suited for frequent use.

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