Review: Gertie the Good Goose

Review: Gertie the Good Goose


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Gertie the Good Goose has been expertly sized to fit perfectly in babies’ hands and to soothe tender gums.  Our Parent Panel and their teething tots have been putting Gertie through her paces!


With the ever growing need for parents to find 100% safe, all-natural baby toys, we’re excited to introduce Gertie the Good Goose!

Gertie has been expertly sized to fit perfectly in babies’ hands and to soothe tender gums. Your baby’s teething phase may be a long, and potentially difficult, time to manage. Gertie can lend her feet, her tail feathers, and her beak to your baby for pain relief and often even giggles. Gertie has a lovely quack (more of a squeak) that your baby will soon identify as their special toy’s magical sound. She is soft to the touch, has a slight vanilla scent, and has contrasting colours for a quick and easy visual focus. Gertie is soft and light, and the simple contours make her incredibly easy for your baby to grasp and manipulate freely. Guard your Gertie carefully; other babies will attempt to snatch her from her proud little owner.

Gertie the Good Goose


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  1. clg1990

    Gertie has been a complete lifesaver for my baby girl. After beginning to teeth last month we have tried a few products which she hasn’t got on with and provided zero relief for her poor gums. Then finally we was provided with the amazing opportunity of trialling Gertie the good goose and we never looked back, she absolutely loves it! Gertie doesn’t look like an ordinary teether which is one of its most attractive qualities. My LO appears to find it easy to grasp and manipulate with the soft natural material and most importantly it seems to be relieving some of her pain. Additionally, her elder brother finds the quack ‘squeak’ hilarious and is constantly stealing her for his own amusement. I truly believe this is one of my best finds and I would recommend it to any of my mummy friends. If only this was around when my son was teething, thank you so very much for letting us trial this product it truly has been a god send.

  2. Mummyadventure

    Gertie the Goose is a great toy for a teething baby and my little girl has become very attached to hers. At 7 months she finds it easy to hold and chew and prefers his beak or his feet. His tail is also great for little mouths. The fact that the toy is all rubber and has no nasties involved in the making makes me more relaxed and it is easy to keep clean with a baby wipe.

    The squeak is much easier to do than many other similar toys and my one year old loves squeaking it for his little sister. It fits easily in the hands of any child and is perfect from when they start learning to grip.

    I think at £14.99 this is a great gift for a baby or just a new toy as it is one that will last well and keep them entertained at home and in transit. We really love it.

  3. tetley07

    On first impressions when I received this product I thought, wow that’s big! How on earth is my 6 month old going to hold that? However when I took it out of the packaging I was pleasantly surprised, whilst it looks big it’s actually a great size for little hands to get hold of. As with most things little people get their hands on, it went straight in his mouth and he had a good suck/chew on the beak. My son seemed very content with in and regularly wraps his chops around Gertie’s beak. I’m no sure how much it’s helped with his teething as his symptoms come and go, but overall I’d say we are both happy with it. The soft rubber makes me feel a bit better that its not damaging his gums as I find most teething products are quite hard and I worry they are some times to hard but I didn’t have any worries like that with Gertie.

    My main negative is the smell, it’s advertised as having a vanilla scent which I couldn’t smell and as the product is made from rubber there is a definite rubber smell which I wasn’t a fan of. But it certainly wasn’t enough to put me off and I would happily buy this product again.

    I would also rethink the squeak. My son wasn’t strong enough to squeak it however I inadvertently did which sent the dog nuts and I spent a lot of time trying to distract the dog who instantly thought this squeaky goose was a present for her. Whilst amusing not brilliant for the baby, and personally I don’t see the need for the squeak but that is just my opinion.

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