Review: HushCush Nursing Pillow

Review: HushCush Nursing Pillow


Rated 4.67 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)

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HushCush is the newest innovation in nursing products and we think it’s fab!!

This unique nursing pillow is cleverly designed to slide onto your forearm, offering extra comfort and support when nursing, soothing or cradling an infant.  A soft, cushioned sleeve provides a snuggly place for baby to feed and rest. It has a soothing effect and works well when transitioning baby to a comfortable, restful sleep. The sleeve stays securely in place, allowing you to hold the baby close, in the tummy-to-tummy position for optimum comfort and help to promote a good breastfeeding position for healthy latch. Baby’s head is supported higher than tummy to aid digestion and may help reduce reflux. The padding helps eliminate pressure and perspiration on your arm, offering a soft cloud, so there is no stress point under baby’s head or mum’s arm.

HushCush Pillow

Small, light and highly portable, HushCush makes it easy to take everywhere! You can really relax and ALWAYS feed your baby in comfort, regardless of where you are. No matter what the challenges, the HushCush provides the softest, cosiest place for “cuddles, kisses and comfort”

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3 reviews for Review: HushCush Nursing Pillow

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Easy to use quality nursing cushion

    I found this cushion to be very easy to use from the moment I took it out of it’s packaging and immediately decided I liked it! From the first try I found nursing easier and put less pressure on my neck and back which has been causing me issues from frequent nursing in an arched position.

    It’s a good quality cushion which feels very soft and nicely padded. It comes with a sleeve which you can wash which is very useful.

    You can easily swap arms as it just slides onto your forearm once it’s time to swap sides for baby.There’s also a useful hook which I used to hang the cushion on the edge of the crib for easy access in the middle of the night!

    My 5 month old can be easily distracted and fussy and I found the cushion useful at ensuring she was pulled in close to me and there was less pulling away to see what was going on as she was nice and snug against me.

    Sometimes I choose not to use the cushion, if my daughter is being particularly awkward and we need to get in a non-conventional position then the cushion is not suitable.

    Whilst the cushion is small and the packaging can be used as a travel bag I would not take this out with me as I usually don’t have space so it tends to be an at home nursing aid.

    Overall I think this is a very good product that if used frequently enough from the beginning of nursing could limit back and neck pain. It will also help ensure your baby is in a good position for nursing.

    A little on the expensive side for a cushion compared to some alternative options (which might not be designed for nursing specifically) but if you get it from birth and nurse for a good few months I think it’s worth it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Hushcush is a compact easy to use nursing pillow, I have tried to use breastfeeding cushions before without a lot of success because it’s always just another thing to get and get prepared for the next feed and unfortunately I haven’t always found them to be that supportive. The hushcush was ideal for me as it was easy to carry around from room to room so it was always to hand and doesn’t require any ‘set up’ you just slide it on to your arm. I’ve found with other pillows because they are much bigger either just get in the way, get left in just one room or when used need to be put in just the right position.
    I have twins so am constantly feeding a baby (well feels like I am anyway)! so to have an aide that will help support the baby whilst I am feeding is a major help and this cushion was just that. I liked the fabric sleeve that could just slip on over the cushion which meant it was easy to wash, I probably could’ve done with a few extra whilst that one was in the wash though, maybe it’s just my babies are messy feeders!? I am sure there will be (at some point) the option to buy packs of covers to keep it clean and also to personalise your cushion.
    I think the price is reasonable for what it is, most other comparable pillows are much larger and multi-functional so not a direct comparison for use or price but this would be option every time just because of it’s compact size and ease of portability.
    I did find on some occasions I just couldn’t get on with the cushion but I do think this was more to do with me and the twins being tired or fussy etc. I had been suffering with sore neck and shoulder from where I had been sitting poorly and hunched over whilst feeding the babies, the Hushcush has helped ease the pain I had been experiencing and I find I am naturally sitting better when using the cushion.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    HushCush, what a refreshing and innovative feeding pillow. After using the conventional ‘ring’ type feeding cushion this product made a fantastic change.

    The pillow feels very luxurious and has a 100% cotton cover which was important to me when choosing a feeding pillow as I was very aware that it was going to be in contact with my baby and her skin. It also came with a 100% cotton cover which is machine washable – useful for any inevitable sick or spillages!

    The HushCush is very easy to use and you can simply slip it over your arm in an instant and draw your baby close.

    Not only can this cushion be used by the primary caregiver, who is either breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it enables someone else to use to the cushion whilst offering the baby a familiar comfort if mum can’t be there to feed. The cover retains the mother’s scent so you don’t need to worry about any anxiety from your baby if Dad or someone else has to feed the baby in the mother’s absence.

    I have been breastfeeding my current baby (baby no. 2) for the past 12 months and I wish I would have found this product sooner. Breastfeeding an older baby comes with additional challenges and this pillow helps to eliminate some of them. It distributes the weight of the baby and alleviates and pressure on your arms and the baby’s head. My baby certainly feels a lot lighter because of this and my arms are much more relaxed.

    My daughter now has 6 teeth and we had been having issues with her latch until we used this pillow. As the baby’s head, neck and back are in alignment her latch is improved and has stopped her from digging in her teeth.

    In terms of positioning, this pillow allows you to obtain a more natural feeding position and I found you don’t have to be sat completely upright to achieve this. If you were using the ‘ring’ type pillow you cannot use it without sitting completely upright. This pillow supports various positioning.

    I also find when breastfeeding, that there is some perspiration where my arm meets my baby’s head but the pillow stops this which in turn keeps the baby cool during feeding. After feeding the baby is able to fall into a lovely relaxing sleep as she is so comfortable which makes the transition back to her cot easier.

    The HushCush comes with a very useful, removable strap which is fantastic for storage or clipping onto your pushchair so you can take your pillow wherever you go. When some mums are establishing breastfeeding the hardest thing to do is get it right outside the home as they don’t have the comforts such a the feeding pillow accessible. I know my friend took her ‘ring pillow’ everywhere and it was huge! This is so compact and portable she only wishes they were available when her first daughter was born!

    This pillow costs £29.95 which is around the same price point as most good quality feeding pillows. However, unlike other feeding pillows, the quality can be seen and felt even without the cover on it. The HushCush is innovative and is of a high standard so you do not need to go and compare lots of different pillows that look the same as there simply isn’t anything else like it on the market. You know you are going to get a good quality product.

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