Review: Kokoso baby coconut oil

Review: Kokoso baby coconut oil

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Keep delicate young skin beautifully moisturised and baby-soft with our premium organic coconut oil.


100% natural head-to-toe infant skincare

Keep delicate young skin beautifully moisturised and baby-soft with our premium organic coconut oil. Packed with nourishing natural nutrients and skin-loving fatty acids, our magical multipurpose moisturiser is an essential for your baby’s skincare regime. Use daily as a deeply moisturising body butter, silky-soft bottom balm, heavenly baby massage oil and so much more.

– The highest quality raw virgin organic fresh-pressed coconut oil specially selected to keep baby’s skin happy and soft
– Contains the natural goodness of around 3 premium organic coconuts in every pot (1.5 in our smaller size)
– Completely safe to use from day one (skin patch test recommended)
– A moisturiser, nappy balm, massage oil and so much more
– Available in two handy sizes for home and on-the-go
– Suitable for sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin
– Baby-safe, recyclable, BPA-free packaging
– Ethically-produced and cruelty-free
– Absolutely no nasty chemicals



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  1. rebecca2501

    This is a really lovely moisturiser. I tried it on my just turned three year old daughter who has had a patch of eczema on the arm since birth. We’ve tried a lot of creams (including prescription moisturisers and steroids) but nothing has shifted it. The Kokoso, whilst not ridding her of it entirely, has done a wonderful job in keeping it hydrated, soft and therefore removing the itch and soreness for my little girl.

    The smell is divine, just like fresh coconuts (if that’s not too obvious a comment to make!), and it’s nice to know that there are no nasty ingredients lurking in there. We all like to use pure products on our babies and toddlers. I was a little surprised by the texture – I’d imagined a more gloopy paste but this is harder like a balm. Rub your fingers across it and they glide over the skin. In this way I can imagine a pot lasting much longer than some of the other creams I’ve tried, and it reduces the greasiness left behind by thick residue of creams. The packaging does say that the oil can melt in hot temperatures (which settles again when it cools) but there was no chance of me experiencing this as it’s currently January!

    I also tried the oil on my daughter’s cheeks as they’ve been rosy red and dried out, either from the cold school run or the central heating or a combination of both. Again, the cream reduced the rawness as soon as I put it on. Finally, we also, inadvertently, used the oil as lip balm as my little one likes to join in with the application of anything on her eczema (which she could do as the solidity of the oil meant it was completely mess free) but everything she handles goes straight to her lips.

    I’d definitely buy it again and it’s also encouraged me to research further the other uses of coconut oil.

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