Review: Light-Up Sail Away Slumber Pal Whale

Review: Light-Up Sail Away Slumber Pal Whale


Rated 4.33 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
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The Light-Up Sail Away Slumber Pal Whale from Infantino is an innovative, snuggly soft and supple night light will soothe your baby to sleep in an instant, providing the ultimate companion at night time.

The clever Slumber Whale comforts little ones by playing sweet melodies and nature sounds designed to calm them before bedtime. Even better, the ingenious whale has a soft, inner glow of warm colours that gently lights up the room using touch sensor technology on the whale’s back; this interactive function allows your little one to feel that they truly have a friend to help them get a good night’s sleep every bedtime.

This clever little light is suitable from birth and is sure to become the next nursery essential, with adjustable sound level and light intensity to suit your baby’s needs, and even a night mode function. As always, Infantino have created a product with a child’s development and happiness in mind; something every parent dreams of.

Suitable for ages 3 months – 3 years and with an RRP of only £29.99, night time will no longer be a battle as your baby is soothed into a slumber.



3 reviews for Review: Light-Up Sail Away Slumber Pal Whale

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    At first glance of the Infantino Light-up Sail Away pal I must admit I was a little skeptical. The whale looked very different to any other nightlight that I had used, but upon introducing the whale to my 22 month old son I could tell it was very cleverly designed. We took it upto bed that night and my boy instantly wanted to hold it as the underside is very snuggly and soft and the top which lights up is rubbery with a great textured feel to it which is great for little curious minds. my son was actually asleep within 15 minutes which is actually amazing as i have a difficult sleeper with a very active mind! the music is really soothing its a mix of melodies and nature sounds and the volume can also be adjusted which is great. The light can also be adjusted in intensity and the panel on the back adjusts colour. my boy actually loved this that much that we had to take it down in the morning and throughout the day we would catch him cuddling it, well worth every penny this actually does what they say helps to create a calm and peaceful slumber, i could not imagine bedtime without our whale now!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    I tested this slumber whale with my 10 month old son. He’s never been a good sleeper, but this has definitely helped!

    Firstly, I gave it to him and my 3 year old in the day in ‘day time’ mode and they were interested for about 5 minutes (mainly by the cool colour switching panel on the whale’s back!) but for night time it is a lot better.

    The night time mode has three sound melodies, three light brightness modes (one being off) and a number of different volumes (one being off again). We used the waves sound at the lowest volume, anything higher than that at night seems too loud. I listened to the heart beat sound but it seems too synthetic – more like a game of pong! I could be wrong though and it might be just what babies need! After a few nights, my son began to learn that this meant sleep time is here and we used it to calm him ready for bed and left it on for the 20 minutes as a night light.

    Things I love about this whale:
    * It’s very soft – the underside is fluffy, the top is a soft squidgy plastic. This means I don’t mind it being in bed with my little one. I have another light projector which is too hard and bright to leave in with him.
    * The lighting is lovely and relaxing – it’s not too bright and it glimmers with the sound effects.
    * The whale comes with 3 AA batteries – this has meant they haven’t ran out yet and I’ve used it quite a bit! My other night light uses AAA batteries and they run out so quickly.
    * The light colour changing panel, while I fear is a bit of a gimmick, is pretty neat!
    * The best point – it has actually helped with bed time! It might not have fixed it completely but it has definitely helped.

    Things that are not so great (and why I chose 4 stars instead of 5):
    * It doesn’t remember your settings! This has really annoyed me, the way we like it it means each time I turn it on I have to hit the volume button twice and the melody button twice before it’s set up right.
    * Daytime mode is a bit pointless for us.

    Overall this has been a really good product for us, I’m not sure I’d buy it at £29.99 though without trying it out first, £20-£25 seems more reasonable for this kind of product.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    My daughter loved this – she is 3 and has just gone into a “big girls bed” and we gave this to her as part of the transition from cot to bed.

    On first appearances I probably wouldn’t gravitate towards it for a child older than 18 months. After un-boxing it I had a little play with it, The whale is very easy to use. It is made of soft materials and comes with batteries which is very helpful.

    I like that it has a night and day mode on it and that there are different volumes and melodies,The sound quality is really nice on it.

    The lights aren’t too bright that it would disturb your child, They are very soothing to watch. It’s not annoying like some night lights or the like are and when on the quietest volume its actually enjoyable background music/sounds!

    My daughter loves that she can change the colour of the lights and it has now ended up as a toy that she enjoys playing with and not just a bedtime thing which for the price of £29.99 I am grateful for – I do think that the price is a bit higher than most would be willing to pay, however it is one of the nicest slumber time lights/soft toys I have come across and both myself and my husband instantly loved it.

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