Review: Orchard Toys Smelly Wellies

Review: Orchard Toys Smelly Wellies


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Smelly Wellies is a fun and simple matching game for children aged 2-6, take turns to find matching patterned wellies for their monsters. Our Parent Panel and their little ‘monsters’ have been putting it to the test!


Smelly Wellies is a fun and simple matching game for children aged 2-6, where players turn over welly cards to find matching patterned wellies for their monsters.  The first player to fill their board wins!

The quirky monster characters are bound to get children giggling! There are two ways to play this colourful game, for both younger and more advanced players.  This means children of all ages can play and enjoy the game together, either as a simple pairs matching or more complex memory game. The patterned welly cards can also be used to encourage children to identify the objects they can see on them.

4 jigged monster boards
24 patterned welly cards
1 instruction leaflet

What we love:


  • Develops matching and memory skills
  • Encourages observational skills
  • Develops Personal and Social Skills


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3 reviews for Review: Orchard Toys Smelly Wellies

  1. Sharleyjp

    Orchard toys always produce great fun bright and colourful games and this is no exception. My little boy and started playing this game as soon as we got it and have been playing it everyday since!
    Smelly Wellies (or on one occasion (as my son called it) Smelly Willies), is a fun and simple game to play and not only did he enjoy playing so did his big sister (who is 6). It is a quick game to play and so is an easy game to play regularly, there’s no set up time or complicated rules for little ones to learn, which I think also makes it more enjoyable.
    It is a game of memory and matching and with four boards to match your monsters wellies means the whole family can join in. the boards and welly pieces are made of thick cardboard and so are not easily damaged or destroyed, unfortunately it didn’t stop my boy from trying and putting it in his mouth to have a chew on, one welly is now slightly dented (with teeth marks) and has rougher edges, so the cardboard pieces are not completely indestructible!
    I love this game for my boy and enjoy playing the game with him as it is quick and easy, it is also a small game so is one that you can take with you, on holiday or for trips where you need your own entertainment.
    The price I think is good value for money, particularly as it will get plenty of use and is quite durable so will be long lasting. It would also make a good gift for under £10, great for children’s party gifts

  2. Shellmc

    My 3 year old daughter and I have loved playing Smelly Wellies together over the past couple of weeks. She’s just getting into understanding board games and really understood the rules of this game straight away. It’s also a really quick game to set up and play, which I think helps too.

    The game is packaged in a small, sturdy, colourful box (that you can easily fit the pieces back into afterwards) – great for storing and travelling with. In the box are 4 monster boards (making this a 2-4 player game) and 24 cardboard wellies. Each of the monster boards is a 3-piece jigsaw which my daughter loved putting together at the start, it also means the largest part of this game breaks down into much smaller parts for storage! You separate the welly cards into red-backed and green-backed ones and ‘deal’ the red ones onto each of the monsters on the boards. You then lay out the green backed wellies (pattern-side down) on the table and take it in turns to turn over a green welly over and see if it matches one of the wellies on your board. The first person to get three pairs of matching wellies wins. The instructions also provide a suggestion on how to make the game easier and harder, which I think is great to cover a wide age range.

    Overall I think this game is super simple to understand, quick to learn and play, a great price, and is interesting and educational for kids. The only downside I can think of is that my little girl didn’t play with it as much as I though she would – we’ve played about 6 games (many of which I lost!) but that could just be down to her 12 month old brother always wanting to ‘play’ too, so I’m giving Smelly Wellies 5 stars.

  3. Laura

    My 3 children really enjoyed this game, as did myself and my partner! It is a colourful, quick and easy game to play and the children got the hang of it instantly.

    My youngest children are 3 and 6 and so we need games that are robust, engaging and easy to set up – This game fit the bill perfectly. It is made from a good quality cardboard and so is nice and firm, it doesn’t bend or warp at the first sign of any spillages that may occur during the excitement of finding a smelly wellie either!

    The game is very easy to set up, it is 4 game boards with monsters on, made up of 3 large puzzle pieces put together and there are 24 wellies – half green, half red. You turn them all over and pick 3 green wellies to place on the monsters feet. The aim is to try and find the matching wellie from the red pile and whoever matches all their wellies first wins. Its a great one for memory and as with all orchard toys the colours and designs are beautiful.

    It comes in a small box that will easily fit into a childs bag or mums handbag and so can be taken out and about with you. The pieces aren’t small enough to easily lose either.

    We have all really enjoyed this game, It is very easy to understand and a great price. I would highly recommend this game to those who are after a quick and fun game for those with children ages 2-6 but saying that my 10 year old also enjoyed it too.

    Another fab game from Orchard Toys!

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