Review: Organix Goodies Christmas Selection Box

Review: Organix Goodies Christmas Selection Box


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Organix Goodies Christmas selection box is the perfect little stocking filler for toddlers.


Organix Goodies Christmas selection box is the perfect little stocking filler for toddlers.

Containing two single soft oaty bars in Raspberry & Apple and Apple & Orange; and a single pack of Gingerbread Men, Cheese Crackers and Strawberry Gummies, the box is available in Boots stores and online at Ocado.

All the snack foods come with the Organix No Junk Promise, a stamp of reassurance that they are made with the best organic ingredients and contain nothing unnecessary, so little ones get great tasting snacks without the junk.

As toddlers start to become more independent and assert their opinion, this selection box offers them the chance to choose for themselves from a variety of Goodies award winning snacks.

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3 reviews for Review: Organix Goodies Christmas Selection Box

  1. Mummyadventure

    This is a brilliant alternative to the tradition selection box and perfect for toddlers and young children. All three of my boys (20 months, 3 and 5) love the contents and found having it packaged in a special box made it even more appealing. Each pack is a great size for a toddler snack and as there is no junk, no salt or sugar in each item then it is a win-win as the child gets a special treat and the parent knows they are eating well.

    I think £2.99 is a really fair price as you get 5 individually wrapped treats and it is all presented really nicely in a proper box.

  2. rebecca2501

    This is a lovely little idea for a selection box. My children (3 and 1 year old) don’t have chocolate or sweets so this is a really nice idea for a healthier option sweet treat. The box includes two oaty bars (apple and orange, and raspberry and apple), gingerbread men, strawberry and apple gummies and cheese crackers – each in a mini snack sized packet. My two children shared the snacks and really enjoyed them all. The box is set out as a traditional selection box with a pop out picture scene to make inside and Christmas images on the box. I must admit the grass green box didn’t make me immediately associate it with being a Christmas product, but it wouldn’t be out of place next to a traditional selection box for an older child. One bonus is that the box doesn’t include the plastic packaging tray that some other selection boxes include, so it can all go in the recycling box.

    My only reservation is that, as these snacks are a leading brand in the healthier baby snack market, some parents may give them to their child daily so it wouldn’t particularly be a treat to receive a box of five more. I suppose that could be said about any parent who gives their child traditional sweets daily and then goes on to give them a chocolate selection box so I’ve just proved my own argument invalid!

  3. Thompol

    The Organix Goodies Christmas Selection Box is very festive and a lovely size. It gives the feel of a Christmas selection box and contains, gingerbread men, cheese biscuits, gummies and 2 oaty bars from the ‘Goodies’ organic range – they also come with a ‘No Junk promise!’ which means there’s no hidden nasties – just delicious snacks!’ my children are 2 and 4 and this is a great alternative to one full of chocolate.

    There is a good variety in there with a similar amount to what you would find in a chocolate one, but a lot lot healthier for your little ones. They are full size products of each of the items and they are just inside the box with no excess packaging.  

    There is also a little activity for children, with Christmas pictures to pop out and then stick on a winter wonderland scene on the box – so really you have 2-in-1 with this selection box. For the price I think it’s a worthwhile purchase if you don’t want them to have chocolate, but still want to keep with this tradition as it is a pretty similar price to a chocolate one.
    Overall I’m extremely pleased with the whole box, I loved the idea as soon as I saw it. My little ones love the goodies range and having them packaged like this, just made them love them even more. It would have been nice to maybe have something a little different than their normal range, but i know they like these which is great. I particularly liked the little surprise of the characters inside and was surprised how long my little girl played with it. I will definitely be purchasing more of these.

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