Review: OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

Review: OXO Tot Roll Up Bib


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This roll up bib from OXO Tot features a wide, soft, food-safe pocket to make mealtime a little less messy.  And if you’re on the go? Simply roll the Bib’s fabric into the silicone pocket, secure closed and tuck into a changing bag.


OXO Tot’s cleverly designed Roll Up Bib (RRP £12) combines comfortable fabric with a handy silicone pocket and now comes in a stylish grey colourway. A wide, soft, durable silicone pocket provides ample coverage and effectively catches even the smallest of crumbs. Soft fabric around the neck makes the bib more comfortable during mealtimes, whilst the velcro closure is secure enough to resist tot’s tugging, and is adjustable as your little one grows and is adjustable as little ones grow.

On the go? The bib fabric rolls up neatly into the pocket and secures closed for easy storage and transportation. Plus, the fabric and silicone is easy to wipe clean and machine washable.

3 reviews for Review: OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

  1. Deel

    my little one is currently being weaned so this bib came just in time. we put it to use immediately. i was impressed with the adjustable Velcro fastening. so as baby grows you can adjust accordingly. it was a good fit and we will be using this for some time to come.
    The silicone catch at the bottom proved helpful, collecting all the droplets of food and dribbles of juice. it was very easy to clean compared to other feeding bibs i have been using by other companies.
    it rolled up to fit nicely in the baby bag but compared to other bibs this was a bit bulky.however the benefit i think outweigh this problem for me personally.
    iv since researched more into the oxo tot bib to see if they do them in other colours and they do! a variety of colours.
    the price is a little high for what i would pay for a feeding bib.
    overall a good bib which does what is it supposed to. it feels well made and long lasting. so the quality is great.

  2. twinkletwinkle

    So far we have always used a soft material cover all bib so to begin with my daughter wasn’t too keen.
    The Oxo roll up bib is a nice durable bib and the velco strip that fastens the bib is strong enough that my daughter was unable to pull it off.
    We now use this bib almost every day we go out – we pop a clean spoon/fork in the pelican part, roll it up and fasten it ready for use. Once used its all rolled up back up again. Great for popping in the bag without getting everything else dirty.
    I have been putting our bib in the dishwasher and it cleans up lovely. It is also machine washable, however it does take a little while to dry.
    The only real negatives I have found is my daughter has lifted the bib up over her face/head. And compared to the cover all bibs I have to be careful her sleeves are rolled up well, but on the plus side shes not getting food in her lap as the silicone pelican part has caught it!
    I will continue to use the Oxo roll up bib, especially when we are out. It is a tad more expensive than others on the market therefore I have given a 4 star rating but I do feel its worth paying the extra for the convenience, quality and comfort.

  3. tetley07

    I’ve been trialling this bib for nearly 2 weeks now with my son who is just in the weaning phase. When I first received the product I tried it on my son and he didn’t seem bothered by it and it appeared to be quite comfortable, the large Velcro tab means it has good room for child growth and will hopefully see them through for some time. I like how it is only the bottom part of the bib that is silicone and the rest is a wipeable material as it means the bib isn’t as stiff as some similar items on the market, and with the neck part being material it is unlikely to chafe on the child’s neck.

    If I’m honest when I first received the product I thought it was a bit of a gimmick – as why would you need a bib that rolls up, but to be fair after use I can see it’s advantages. Firstly it does help to catch food that has been dropped, or missed the mouth. However, note if you are doing baby led weaning then this will not help keep your child or the area clean, whilst it will catch some of the food it won’t catch anywhere near all of it. Baby led weaning is messy and gets everywhere. one thing I did find is less food went between my son’s legs using this bib (still went everywhere else – cue happy dogs.)
    Secondly when out and about it tucks up quite neat and rolls into the silicon part of the bib easily and compact. This has 2 benefits, it stores easily in the pram bag and when used whilst out it holds the messy parts within the bib, (I used a baby wipe to give a quick clean but washed properly at home)

    Would I use this bib? Given the price and the fact I am leaning towards baby led weaning I probably wouldn’t use it at home as the mess is to great, however I would use it whilst out and about. My only concern is the price and £12 is a lot for one bib. Definitely a good product and, in my opinion, better than similar items on the market.

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