Review: Piccolo Baby Food

Review: Piccolo Baby Food


Rated 3.67 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
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Piccolo, the new organic baby food brand, has unveiled four delicious new flavours and our Parent Panel have been putting them to the test.

With a Mediterranean twist in its delicious recipes, each pouch promises to take little ones on a taste adventure.  Introducing;  ‘Mango, Apple & Kale with a dash of yoghurt’, ‘Raspberry & Apple with Soaked Oats’, ‘Banana, Strawberry & Peach with a hint of Mint’ and ‘Sweet potato, Beetroot, Apple & Pear,’ four deliciously yummy combinations, bursting with flavour and organic goodness.

Whether it’s the tasty blend of tropical mango and apple with zingy green kale, or the smooth creamy base of sweet potato combined beautifully with the earthy sweetness of beetroot, Piccolo can guarantee little ones will experience fresh flavours they will truly enjoy. One thing’s for certain, these new recipes will introduce super healthy ingredients, often overlooked during weaning, such kale, to encourage babies to explore and experience new flavours in the tastiest way.

Piccolo’s collection now includes ten stage one blends, each made with 100% natural organic ingredients and inspired by Mediterranean family recipes. The range of adventurous and delicious flavours are suitable for children from around six months and are ideal for weaning, healthy snacks on the go, puddings and dipping!

As the only baby food brand to work in partnership with the NCT, Piccolo is in a truly unique position and with its roots firmly planted in education the brand is proud to commit 10% of its profits to food education charities. Piccolo’s passion and understanding of good food is second to none and undoubtedly sets them apart.

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3 reviews for Review: Piccolo Baby Food

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    This baby food is nicely packaged with bright colours and plenty of flavours. We started with stage one new tastes and there were 10 different flavours, some puddings and some savoury. There were some interesting combinations and I was keen to see if my daughter would like them. We started with some puddings. They were really sweet and went down a treat. Next we tried the vegetable ones. I was surprised to see my daughter eating these too. However having looked closer at the ingredients it was clear to see why. Pretty much all these pouches are made up of at least 20% or more apple mixed in with the ingredients. I found this pretty misleading especially in the vegetable pouches. There wasn’t even a mention of apple on some but again this appeared in the ingredients. Even the cherry yogurt had about 40% apple in which wasn’t even mentioned on the front. A lot of the pouches tasted the same, yes I did try them, and again this was due to the apple content. Another thing that was disappointing was the consistency. It was very runny and hard to put on a spoon and feed a hungry baby quickly. Next we tried some stage one vegetable only pouches. Thankfully these ones were ‘what they said on the tin’ and the consistency was good. The combinations were different than other brands and with the added spice or herb it made them have a slightly different taste, in a good way.

    Since my daughter is now 7 months we tried the stage two pouches on offer. The recipes sounded really appealing and the ingredients were nice and healthy. The risotto was subtly flavoured and a really good texture. The tomato spaghetti one however did make my daughter gag so i’d wait till she’s a bit older for that one. The chicken pouch was not sweet at all and did not go down well. Overall the stage two pouches are a bit hit and miss but I guess every child has different tastes and cope differently with textures. The extra herbs did come through in the flavour though and gave them a different twist.

    Overall this food brand looks great and does contain new flavours it’s just a shame those flavours are masked by the apple and sweetness of the stage one new tastes. The puddings are yummy and great for a snack on the go and of course babies like them as they are very sweet. The vegetable pouches are different and quite nice for a change in the same old ‘carrot’ puree. Just be sure to look at the ingredients first. Again stage two pouches are different flavours and the extra herbs give a tasty twist but again check for texture as some are lumpy and some less so. The packaging has lots of writing on it and is not as eye catching as other brands. It is nice that they give to charities but honestly I’m not sure that would make me buy them. I tend to look for pouches on offer as they are not a cheap option. I would not seek these pouches out because of the Mediterranean flavours but I agree it gives baby new tastes. Maybe I’m just too British! I would recommend these as they are a good option for ‘on the go’ food. I just feel there are already pouches out there that have a good brand name established already. As a mum on a tight budget those pouches on offer are very important to me.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5


    I was really excited when the box of My Little Piccolo organic baby food pouches was delivered! My little girl really enjoys eating straight from the pouch so these would be really handy to take out and about with you. The packaging is really lovely, the colours and the feel of the pouches are different to any others I have come across. The flavours are exciting and I had high hopes for them. The first pouches we tried were the stage one pouches. These mostly were fruit pouches. Unfortunately they were just too smooth and sweet for my 11 month old. Some of the pouches were so runny I couldn’t even keep it on a spoon. They are 6+ months so would be perfect for first stage weaning.

    We then tried the stage two pouches. Unfortunately the consistency wasn’t much thicker than the first stage pouches and the one’s that were seemed a bit grainy and my little girl didn’t like it. I tried it too and the consistency just wasn’t right for her. I think a lot of the problem is because my LG is nearly one now and it just isn’t enough for her. I think younger babies would appreciate the runnier texture more. I gave the rest of the pouches to my friend who has a smaller baby and will be weaning soon as I think they are more appropriate for the first stages.We’d love to try out their chunkier food, I’m sure these would go down better!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    My son really enjoyed these pouches. The packaging is really attractive and the fact that Piccolo support the NCT charity is great as I attend some of their support groups.

    First, we tried 10 different stage 1 flavour combinations which sounded really interesting and different from the norm, like mango, pear and kale. The consistency of a few of them was really quite thin/runny, but that didn’t stop him enjoying them. I was a bit disappointed to read that apples made up the majority of the ingredients in most pouches, even if they weren’t advertised in the main title of the pouch, so they wouldn’t provide a varied diet for my little one if used too often.

    Next up we tried the stage 2 pouches. The flavour options sounded (and smelt!) really nice and again, my little boy (now 9 months) loved them. The consistency seems better in the stage 2 pouches compared to the hit and miss runny stage 1 ones, although other brands do seem to have lumpier stage 2 foods.

    Overall, I liked the stage 1 pouches but the quantity of apples in most pouches put me off a little. The stage 2 pouches were a lot better though with the variety of foods and flavours it provides. I think the pouches priced at £1.10 are reflective of the pouch market and so that wouldn’t put me off buying them as the Piccolo pouches offer really interesting food combinations which are different from the rest!

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