Review: The Reward Box

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The Reward Box

The Reward Box is an award winning and fun take on the traditional reward chart.

Available in a choice of two designs, The Reward Box is a beautifully crafted, wooden, fairy house or pirate’s chest which will look stunning in any nursery, child’s bedroom or playroom. Rather than collect stickers on a chart (like a traditional reward chart), your children receive tokens (your box comes with 20 wooden tokens in the shape of stars) which they post into the Reward Box. The tokens can then be replaced (ideally overnight by a magic ‘good behaviour’ pirate, fairy or elf!) with small rewards / promise vouchers as they achieve their goals (for ideas on appropriate goals for each age group please visit the How To Use on the Reward Box website).

The box can also be personalised with your child’s name and decorated with a set of fabulous themed stickers by purchasing a ‘personalisation kit’.

The Reward Box is the perfect, original, children’s gift which will be treasured for years to come.

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