Review: SleepSpace Travel Cot

Review: SleepSpace Travel Cot 2017-03-14T14:54:03+00:00

The new SleepSpace is the world’s first travel cot to feature a safe-to-use mosquito net. The pyramid shape provides the perfect shape for covers, including its own fitted mosquito net cover, providing protection for baby against mosquitoes and other biting insects, perfect for indoor and outdoor use at home or abroad!

SleepSpace is lightweight, portable (in a sleek carry bag) and can be assembled with one hand, yet the pyramid shape makes it stable and secure, it’s even safe to use for a standing baby because it can be secured at floor level.  It is suitable from birth and it can also be transformed into a play teepee with blank canvas sides that can be decorated with washable fabric pens as the child grows (so a multi-function investment purchase!).

SleepSpace features we love

  • Travel-cot & play space in one – can be used as travel cot and later and a play-tepee
  • Insect free zone
  • Assembly with one hand – opened out, closed up and carried in one easy movement, all while holding the baby!
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Carry bag

SleepSpace Features

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