Review: Toys Puzzles from Orchard Toys

Review: Toys Puzzles from Orchard Toys


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Toys is a great addition to Orchard Toys’ pre-school jigsaw range, featuring six large, 2-piece jigsaw puzzles for age 18 months+  and our Parent Panel have been testing it out.


Toys Puzzles – Toys is a great addition to the pre-school jigsaw range from Orchard Toys, featuring six large, 2-piece jigsaw puzzles for age 18 months and over. These colourful jigsaws depict familiar first toys children will enjoy, including a teddy bear, a doll and a toy car. Once children have become familiar with matching the familiar objects, they can be encouraged to say aloud the names of the different objects.

The colourful puzzles are great to engage early learners and the sturdy material is set to last the wear and tear of little hands!

Puzzle size 13 x 16 cm approx.

What we love

  • Encourages discussion
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Develops matching and memory skills
  • Encourages observational skills

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3 reviews for Review: Toys Puzzles from Orchard Toys

  1. ashleighwrennall

    This little puzzle is perfect for inquisitive toddlers who love to try and do puzzles. The pieces are a great size for them to pick up and look at, they are also a good size for them to see when all laid out ready to try to match up. The colours are nice and bright so they easily attract their attention along with fun pictures that are easily recognisable.

    All in all this puzzle is really great for toddlers, it not only helps them with their matching skills and hand eye co-ordination, it also helps along with speech as my daughter likes to repeat the words I say, so it is perfect for learning words too. A really great puzzle for a extremely reasonable price. It comes in a handy little box with a carry handle so that you can keep all the pieces together, again really great as my daughter loves to tidy the pieces up and carry the box around.

  2. Aime88

    These puzzles are great for learning toddlers as they are just two pieces. The design of them is great- bright and colourful, makes it easy for them to distinguish which match together. They are a good size which makes matching them up easy for little hands.

    By playing with these puzzles my son has learnt a couple more words, so the game can help aid speech with the repetition of saying the name of the toys to prove together.

    The puzzle comes in a box with a handle on so they can be stored and carried around easily by little people. It is fairly priced for the quality of the toy. I would recommend this toy to friends with children of a similar age that the toy is aimed at.

  3. Loubal

    This puzzle is great for little learning minds. The pieces are nice and large so easy for a toddler to handle. My son loves this puzzle as its not too hard like others he has tried and easy to put together. It helps with hand-eye coordination and also speech development. My little one has 2 new words from doing this puzzle. At £6.75 it would of been nice to have a couple more of the 2-piece puzzles in there. But as it helps with development so much it is well worth the money. Comes in a nice little box to keep in with a handle to carry around, my son especially loved this.

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