Review: Vax Dual Power Carpet Washer

Review: Vax Dual Power Carpet Washer


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The Dual Power carpet washer, from Britain’s leading carpet cleaner brand* delivers deep cleaning and quick drying, without the hassle of renting.

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The Dual Power carpet washer, from Vax delivers deep cleaning and quick drying, without the hassle of renting. When your carpets start to look dirty, dull or stained, you need more than just a regular vacuum cleaner to bring them back to life. While your everyday vacuum might be great at picking up surface debris, a carpet washer is designed to go much deeper, cleaning away trapped-in dirt, stains and neutralising odours.

DualTECH™: Exclusive, deep cleaning technology

At the top of the range, the Dual Power Pro and Dual Power Pro Advance both use the DualTECH5 cleaning system, which combines counter-rotating SpinScrubTM brushes with a powerful rotating brushbar for a 360o deep clean.  Dual VTM technology provides powerful extraction of excess water through a V-shaped channel, while applying hot air onto the carpet to assist both cleaning and drying. A powered SpinScrub™ hand tool and stretch hose give you the versatility to deep clean stairs, upholstery, car seats and more.

For really difficult stains, the Dual Power Pro Advance has a pre-treatment kit and a clean boost trigger. This allows you to prepare your carpets before a deep clean and provides you with an extra boost of cleaning power, as and when you need. Its extra-large water tank lets you clean for longer with less refilling, while the auto mix system provides a quick and practical solution to measuring out solution and water by, automatically combining the correct concentration.

Compact and manoeuvrable

Designed to be compact and easy to manoeuvre, the Dual Power is proven to deliver ultimate carpet cleaning results*. It has twin rotating brushbars that tackle visible dirt and stains as well as helping to remove trapped dirt, dust mites, pollen and bacteria from deep within the pile.

Weighing no more than an average dry vacuum cleaner, the Dual Power is very easy to carry from room to room and up and down stairs. Its slim nozzle lets you get into awkward areas without moving the furniture, making cleaning a lot less hassle. And unlike a rental machine, you can keep the Dual Power on hand for everyday clean-ups of spots and spills, or use for a deeper clean whenever it’s needed.

Tough cleaning Vax Ultra+ solution

All models in the Dual Power range include a sample sized bottle of Ultra+ Carpet Cleaning Solution, which is Vax’ toughest solution yet. Delivering unbeatable cleaning performance, it leaves your whole home smelling clean and fresh. It’s also Woolsafe approved, so it’s safe for all types of carpet, including pure wool.

The Vax Dual Power carpet washer range is available from major retailers and direct from with prices starting from RRP £149.99.

For more information, visit the Vax website or call the UK-based Vax Customer Careline on 0330 026 8455.


* Cleaning result compared to the UKs leading rental machine, based on colour reflectance and brightness of carpet fibres.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Having 3 kids (4 if you include the husband), the carpets get pretty messy despite my best efforts to keep them clean. We rent as well so I’m extra careful I guess. The Vax Dual Power Carpet Washer is easy to put together and the instructions are easy to follow with step by step pictures and descriptions. The top chamber has two easy fill sections, one for clean warm water and the other for the cleaning solution, no need to pre-mix the solution and water, this is done automatically for you. The machine comes with two small bottles of the Vax+ cleaning solution and 1 small bottle of the pre-treatment solution. I would have preferred 1 full size bottle of solution as 1 little bottle just about covered my living room, which isn’t overly big. The pre-treatment can be used in the machine and sprayed onto stubborn stains with the attachment and left for 5-10 minutes prior to full cleaning. I cleaned the living room and the stairs and plan to do more. Both were easy to do. For the living room I used the machine normally, this is easy, with a button to release the solution on the handle where you hold it, you then release it to clean and suck the solution up. I went over some of the stubborn spots a couple of times and it seemed to clean them well. The carpets were a little damp after I had finished, much less than I was expecting and they were completely dry the next morning, it probably would have been only a few hours to be honest but I decided to clean the living room in the evening and leave to dry overnight. My next task was tackling the stairs. I attached the hose, again easy to do by lifting a flap at the front and plugging in. I used the power brush attachment as the stairs where rather grubby on the edges. The hose stretched easily to the top of the stairs, so no lugging and balancing a machine on the stairs. The attachments are easy to use, with a trigger to release the solution again. I cleaned the stairs during the day and within an hour the stairs were dry. I am impressed with the results, and you will see the results in the dirty water chamber for yourself when you finish! The chambers are all easy to remove and clean. It recommends that you remove all left over cleaning solution, which can be poured out, I found that some does stay within the mixing area which is not that easy to remove, but with a bit of jiggling and pressing of the valve it came out. I will go over these areas again, not because I wasn’t satisfied with the results, but the kids have since dropped more things on the floor! I will also tackle the bedrooms. I would recommend this machine, it’s easy to use, provides great result and carpets dry quickly.

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