Review: Writesize® Pencils for Children

Review: Writesize® Pencils for Children 2017-03-15T14:21:14+00:00

Writesize® make small pencils for small people. Simple, but effective!  Children are little versions of us so need smaller clothes, shoes, bikes, sports equipment than adults so why do we give them pencils bigger than pens we use?  Writesize® pencils have been developed to lessen the strain on their hands by having a larger and softer graphite, wider diameter for easy grip and the correct length to enable them to have great control and balance.

As writing is a fundamental skill in life and is used in every subject, Writesize® pencils make it easier to write as they’re made with children in mind at their core- it is that logical and that simple.

The Writesize® handwriting pad is a perfect accompaniment to a set of Write Size pencils, allowing children to trace the letter shapes, before practicing on their own.

Write Size Book

Features we love

Greater durability
The high quality graphite we use has an increased point breaking system which makes it more resistant to breakage and requires less sharpening for a longer lifespan.

Ergonomic soft grip:
The soft graphite ensures soft flow of writing ensuring children are using less pressure and less graphite. This will prolong the lifespan of Write Size pencils.

Better grip and control:
The unique surface of the pencil offers a good grip and wider diameter than a regular pencil. This ensures the pencil is comfortable for a child to use and hold causing less strain on their hands.

Scaled for children’s hands:
By using logic and scale, the Write Size pencils are made to fit a child’s hands promoting control and faster learning, but also making the development of writing skills easier and faster.

Writing made easier and quicker
Children will learn to write quicker as they are using a writing instrument that fits their hands correctly. This could their speed up their education in as quick as one term.


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