Review: Zoë the Penguin

Review: Zoë the Penguin


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Zoë the Penguin is one of the latest bedtime pals to arrive in the UK from innovative Danish children’s brand, Zazu and has been designed to help both parents and little ones with the bedtime routine, feature soothing night lights, wireless speakers, a music box and sleep trainer.


Introducing Zoë the Penguin, one of the latest bedtime pals to arrive in the UK from innovative Danish children’s brand, Zazu .  The new bedtime pals have been designed to help both parents and little ones with the bedtime routine, feature soothing night lights, wireless speakers, a music box and sleep trainer. These versatile, all-in-one sleep gadgets are not only cost effective but long lasting, helping from newborn tall the way through to the early toddler years.

Zoë is available in a choice of three colours; blue, pink or neutral grey.  She features 5 pre-set melodies including a heartbeat, white noise and waterfall sound, as well as wireless speaker technology, so that you can play your own choice of music or children’s stories. Also providing a soft, reassuring glow with two adjustable brightness settings, Zoë activates automatically upon baby crying and will begin to play and light up to comfort little ones, helping them to fall back into a peaceful slumber. A soothing nightlight, music box and wireless speaker in one, Zoe is one clever penguin!

Features we love

  • Soothing nightlight – Zoë’s head is a small nightlight, with 2 brightness settings.
  • 5 pre-set melodies to sooth your baby – Heartbeat sound, white noise, nature sound,lounge music and 3 traditional lullabies.
  • Play unlimited music or stories via the wireless speaker.
  • Auto shut-off. Zoë’s switches OFF automatically after 20 minutes.
  • Activates automatically upon crying. The voice activated sound sensor will switch on sound and or light if your child wakes up.
  • Set your own volume.

Available from |  RRP: £24.99

3 reviews for Review: Zoë the Penguin

  1. Deel

    This little penguin came to my little 8 month old and what a welcome addition it was.
    We immediately put it through its paces. It was very easy to understand how to use the penguin. The instructions were pretty clear.
    It came boxed woth a usb charging wire.
    It also has a hanging clip so it can be attached to the cot/pram / car seat etc.
    We tried the wireless speaker via the bluetooth setting and it was incredibly easy to do. From this we played our own music/sounds to our little girl. Every night she looks up at the penguin as tho to say ‘ mum switch it on’
    It was great that we could adjust the volume from our phones while in bluetooth mode.
    The penguin also has a night light which has 2 settings. Perfect for bedtimes.
    I attached the penguin to the cot but soon had to remove it and put higher up since our little moneky was pulling it and tugging it rigourously lol.
    It now dangles off a hook at bedtime.
    We have also used it in the car seat using the different sounds already installed. They are calming and similar sounds that my bouncer made so a great addition.
    The penguin has various other features which make it even more desireable.
    We havent had to use the sleep trainer mode as of yet!
    The penguin automatically switches off after approx 20 mins of play …it can be re activated when the baby cries as we found out in the car seat lol
    All in all a good quality item. It is sturdy and well made and so far has survived a good bashing from our 8month old.
    At 24.99 i think it is fairly priced especially for all the uses it has. Its even better that it comes with a usb so no need for batteries!! Bonus!

  2. Blue0rchid

    I was extremely happy that I got to test this for my 2 week old baby.
    Upon opening the box, we found that it included the following:
    Zoe the penguin
    USB Charger
    Velcro Fastener
    Ring (to attach to the pushchair)
    Within the short space of time that we have had Zoe, she has become an important part of our day to day lives. Zoe already goes everywhere with my daughter. It has a night light with 2 brightness settings which is great for bedtimes and trying to help my daughter distinguish between day and night. It comes with pre-set sounds –white noise, heartbeat, nature and 3 lullabies. My 2 week old loves the white noise sound, I am able to put her down in her cot awake and I can switch the white noise on which plays for 20 minutes and she will lie there contently. Should she cry once it has finished, Zoe has an awesome feature where it will automatically switch back on.
    There is the option to connect Zoe to your mobile via Bluetooth and use it as a wireless speaker. This has enabled the whole family to interact with the baby by playing songs directly from our phones via Zoe.
    Zoe the penguin is charged via the USB cable that comes in the box, my only gripe is that it should come with a mains operated plug as well.
    The RRP for Zoe the penguin is £24.99 which is a very reasonable price for everything that it does.
    I would highly recommend this.

  3. tetley07

    I’m disappointed to say, but I’m really not a fan of this product. I had high hopes for Zoe but it just didn’t meet my expectations. Firstly she seems sturdy but very plastic and plain. I found the instructions to be lacking and felt I had to guess. I turned it on and pressed the buttons but nothing seemed to be happening then after fiddling a bit realised Zoe was set to Bluetooth. Paired with my Phone and can play sound from my phone through Zoe and whilst this works, in my opinion it seemed a bit of a gimmick and didn’t really see the point, however for some people I can understand this would be a selling point. It worked well and did what it said, but just wasn’t for me.

    The nightlight seemed a bit pointless as, other than seeing Zoe’s head, it doesn’t produce enough ambient light to see anything else therefore no use as a nightlight. However a plus point is the sound sensor that will turn Zoe back on to last settings if a “cry” is picked up – also works for Dog barks 🙂 but doesn’t turn on at just any sound – I tried! The sounds are ok, heartbeat, white noise, birds tweeting and piano are calming however for me I would prefer there to be a longer play loop than minutes as my son doesn’t settle that quickly.

    The battery lasted well and was very easy to charge and being USB it fits plenty of other items and obviously other chargers will fit this which is handy as it means you don’t need loads of charger cables for all different items. Zoe also came with the Velcro tab and a ring for the pram. I think these could have been better thought of and maybe something a little more permanent to avoid bits getting lost which happened more than once in our house.

    Originally I started this review with as 2 stars but I’ve upped to 3 stars. Personally it’s not a product for me as I believe it to be gimmicky and just something extra you don’t need. I do feel there are better alternatives on the market BUT it is well made and with the thought of being able to take out and about for some families will be a great addition to babies stuff.

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