Do newborns have to have a Moses basket and other sleeping equipment?

Do newborns have to have a Moses basket and other sleeping equipment?2017-02-23T14:08:05+00:00
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We purchase a lot of equipment for babies that is not really necessary, just nice to have.

I find that many babies don’t like sleeping in a Moses basket. They may not have any better mattress than a carrycot and can be too constricting. Newborn babies can look very lost in a cot, but that is not a problem.

You will probably find that it is easier while you are feeding your baby through the night to have the baby in the same room as you, so you could use the carrycot for this purpose. Also, the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths include having the baby sharing a room with its parents for the first six months among their recommendations for reducing the risk of cot death, although in many cases this is not possible.

Many families do not have the room for a cot in their bedroom. The next best thing is to put the baby in their own room and leave both bedroom doors open, so the baby can hear you and you can hear them. Try not to get sucked into the commercialism surrounding babies. Babies are big business, especially baby food and drinks, and most of it is not necessary.

Debbie Honer