Is it normal to have no signs of ovulation?

Is it normal to have no signs of ovulation?2017-02-23T13:59:18+00:00
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The majority of women notice no symptoms at the time of ovulation. Some women do complain of pain mid-cycle, thought to be due to the enlarged follicle rupturing and releasing its egg. The pain is usually described as a sort of cramp, may last for up to two hours, and is felt near to whichever ovary is ovulating that month. Other signs of ovulation that some women may be aware of are an increase in the amount and the ‘stretchiness’ of vaginal mucus (from the cervix), and a very slight increase in body temperature.

The fact that you do not notice any signs of ovulation is nothing to worry about. If you have a regular cycle of around 28 days, it is likely that you are ovulating.

Professor Steve Killick