Is sleep routine comforting to babies?

Is sleep routine comforting to babies?
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You do need to develop a good routine for your baby. I do not think it is ever too early to start with a good routine at bedtimes, having seen the devastation that sleep problems cause to families.

Babies do prefer a routine, but it is you who need to set this, not her. Plan a good bedtime routine. Choose an appropriate time for your baby and you and your partner. The evening is a good time to bath your baby, although babies do not need a bath every day. A bath dries out their skin, and just a wash and change of clothes will do on some days.

Some parents like to make a rule that, once the baby is upstairs or in his cot then he stays there, barring illness. Others like to include baby massage or reading a story (even for a young baby). This will be up to you. A good bedtime routine follows a pattern – it tells your baby that play time has finished and you expect him to sleep. Remember, as your baby gets older, to ensure that he is awake when you place him in his cot. He needs to learn how to get himself to sleep.

You do not really need nightlights or musical toys. These can often cause a baby to rely on them in order to get to sleep. Developing a good routine now will save you and your baby a lot of distress in the future.

Debbie Honer