Why does my newborn feed constantly?

Why does my newborn feed constantly?2017-02-23T14:08:05+00:00
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For the first six weeks, breastfeeding is still being established and on the whole I would advise any mum to totally demand-feed during that time. This means that the baby can regulate the amount of milk he produces by feeding more to produce more. When he has let your body know how much he needs, he will then sleep better between feeds and only demand more when he needs more. Try very hard not to give your baby formula milk. Breastmilk milk is produced by supply and demand, so if you give your baby 2oz of formula you will produce that much less breastmilk. In the early days the baby will feed almost constantly to build up a good supply of milk, so, if you can, get lots of rest and pampering, and spend a day in bed just feeding. That way you will then be producing the milk your baby needs for the next day. It seems interminable at first but stick with it and almost certainly by the time your baby is three weeks old you will have oodles of milk.

Gill James