NowBabyTV is a unique information channel reaching mums-to-be.
It provides factual help, advice, promotions and entertainment to a captive audience.

The ability to deliver the right message… To the right audience…at the right time

NowBabyTV has conducted a number of independent research studies on behalf of advertisers.

Results proved that NowBabyTV is a strong communications vehicle for parents-to-be, providing useful and relevant information during this significant life stage.

The finds are summarised below.

  • 94% recall seeing the screens and thought it was a good idea
  • 75% thought NowBabyTV gave practical, helpful information
  • 64% thought it gave new information and advice not previously considered
  • 53% felt it positively influenced purchasing decisions., is a pregnancy and parenting site that is committed to providing authoritative, non-judgemental content for parents and parents-to-be.  One of the fastest growing pregnancy sites, our screen audience will be able to read, watch and interact with us on our digital platform, where we will continue to engage our hospital audience.