How will the Duchess of Cambridge cope with the stress of three? As Spring greets the newest addition to the Royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge is now the proud mum of three children and a new study suggests her stress levels are about to soar, especially is her baby suffers from infant colic!

The study by Infacol, called Stress in the First Six Months showed that , 95% of parents find having a baby stressful and three children seems to make the balancing act harder than ever.

“With three children, you don’t have time for yourself, and you feel under even more pressure to live up to the expectation of being the perfect parent because you’re supposed to know the ropes”, says Tanya Budden, a midwife from Cambridge.

The Duchess of Cambridge admitted that she found the expectations of being a perfect parent very hard to live up to, and 82% of parents in the study agree with her. To the watching world, she’s impeccably turned out and has the support of a loving husband who seems to take fatherhood in his stride. However, the Duchess has experienced a “lack of confidence and feelings of ignorance” and found parenthood a “huge challenge”.

Stress in the first 6 months

Stress in the First Six Months highlights a range of issues such as financial worries, loneliness, pressure to return to work and lack of sleep. Around 90% of parents stated that a strain on finances is one of the most stressful things about having a baby. In the UK, new parents will spend around £9,364 on their new born in the first 12 months, but with the average UK households disposable income being around £27,000, parents are having to adjust their lifestyle to meet the needs of their new baby.

Moreover, out of 886 parents surveyed 75% said that household finance was their main concern when deciding to return to work. And, according to the Office of National Statistics, the number of working mums has surged by 2 million in the past twenty years.

Lack of sleep

A lack of sleep also contributes to parent stress levels, with 94% of new mums and dads admitting that that they aren’t getting as much sleep as they’d like. Research has found that parents with babies under the age of 6 months only get between 1 to 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night and only 1 in 5 parents get the recommended 8 hours sleep a night.

Infacol, Stress in the First Six Months: Analysis of attitudes and experiences from primary research conducted amongst recent parents, April 2018

According to a survey of 500 parents carried out by Owlet Care

A contributing factor to lack of sleep can be attributed to prolonged bouts of crying caused by Infantile Colic, which is stressful for 85% of new parents.

Infantile colic is a common problem that affects up to 1 in 5 babies, and usually begins when the infant is just a few weeks old.

Signs and symptoms include:

• Intense crying bouts

• Crying in the late afternoon or evening that lasts several hours

• The baby’s face is red and flushed when they cry

• The baby clenches their fists, draws their knees up or arches their back while crying



However, 1 in 3 British mums admit that they were not aware of Infantile colic prior to the birth of their child. This is why Infacol, Britain’s Number One Colic Remedy, and Cry-Sis, the only parenting charity dedicated to supporting parents through excessive infant crying, have launched the first Infant Colic Awareness Campaign. The campaign has been designed to educate and support parents to ensure they can experience the joys of parenthood to the full.

For more information on infantile colic, you can visit To get advice on excessive crying, including one-on-one phone support, visit


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