For something so small, a new baby can generate a lot of ‘stuff’, and travelling with a baby is no exception.  By the time you’ve packed enough clothes, nappies, wipes along with feeding equipment, muslin cloths and the rest of your day to day baby paraphernalia, the chances are you’ll have exceeded not only your luggage allowance, but your partner’s too!

It’s not just the additional luggage to think about, also how your little one will cope with the flight, what is the best destination?

So, what should you think about when taking your young baby on holiday?

Here are just a few things to consider

Travelling with a baby

  • Flight time – First of all, take a look at the flight time that will be involved if you’re heading abroad and be sure to do this before you book. Think about how long you would realistically want to spend on a flight with your little one before it all gets just a little too much. We’d recommend nowhere further than 2-4 hours away, so look at destinations as close as France and as far as Tenerife and the other Canary Islands.
  • Temperatures – Make sure wherever you are planning your holiday, you take a look at the average weather of the destination at the time of year you plan to visit. If the temperatures are too hot, it could not only be unbearable for you and your youngster, but also very unsafe; leading to dehydration, accidental sunburn, heatstroke and all sorts of other nasties.
  • Hotel Facilities – Speak to the hotel you are hoping to stay at well before you book, to check that the accommodation has everything you could possibly require for a stay with a baby in tow. Draw up a wish list of what the hotel might have and find one that matches your needs.
  • Financial Situation –  The idea of baby’s first family holiday can often be so exciting for mum and dad that budgets go out of the window and it’s easy to get carried away. Do remember that your baby will not have any memories of the holiday, so there’s no need to spend a fortune. Just book somewhere that your bank balance will thank you for and don’t be tempted to splurge unnecessarily. If most of your money is going on nappies and powdered milk and maternity leave pay isn’t the best, really think hard about whether it would be best to postpone a holiday until baby is a little older and budgets aren’t quite so tight.
  • Co-Passengers – Although some may find this a bit controversial, when heading abroad with a baby it can be a really good idea to invite friends or other family members along. Perhaps the child’s grandparents would like to be a part of baby’s first holiday and, this also means there will be more people to help share the load of keeping the little one fed, watered and happy for the duration of the break. It also means mum and dad might be able to get some alone time together, even if just for one evening, whilst grandma and granddad take on babysitting duties.

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