Toddler by year

Your toddler from 1-3 years of age.  Their development will be significant with lots of opportunities to learn and play with you and other toddlers.

Toddler playing with toys on the floor1-2 year old Toddler

Walking and talking will be the most significant developments during this year and these important new-found abilities open up masses of play possibilities. Your child will now start showing a definite preference for using her right or left hand and, although she’ll play a little on her own, you’re still her most valued playmate as well as her best teacher. Read more - pregnancy timeline

Toddler reading a book2 – 3 year old Toddler

Your child’s understanding and enjoyment of the world around her now speeds up as her physical skills mature and she’s able to tell you what she needs and desires – two year olds may speak as many as 200 words while understanding many more! This is also the age of the ‘terrible twos’ (though it may have already started) as she tries to assert her will over everyone else’s so you’ll need plenty of strategies for heading off trouble – distraction being one of the best!
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