We asked one our of members to list their top give apps for parents and kids. As a parent of a one and three-year old and an app developer,  she is used to and used her fair share of apps!

She has put together her top five apps that she and her kids have found useful or fun on their journey so far.

LittleHoots (apps for parents)

Free on iOS, Android and web


LittleHoots is an app which lets you record, style and share things your little ones have said. I’ve often thought about buying a diary to record these funny things, but never got round to it, then someone suggested this app to me and I’ve found it so useful! When my daughter says something cute or funny I just get out my phone and type it in. It records the date and you can add a photo to it to add to the styling. Once complete you can choose to save the picture and/or share it on social media. It’s a great way of recording those precious moments you can so easily forget and sharing them with friends and family.

Top five apps for parents and kids

Sensory App House (apps for babies and kids)

Free on iOS, Android, Chrome and web


Top five apps for parents and kids

Sensory App House have a loads of free apps for people of all ages and abilities. There are so many apps to choose from but here are a few I like and how I’ve found them useful:

  • Magma
    • Magma is a lava lamp style app. Can be used as a soothing night-light.
  • Electra
    • Electra displays an electric beam of light and makes a ‘zap’ sound when you hit the screen, my one year old loves this!
  • Speak Up Too
    • Speak Up Too is great for encouraging vocalisation, the louder you speak, the bigger the cartoon character grows.

When giving devices to babies, I’d recommend using Guided Access to disable the Home button, for more information on how to do this, see Apple’s support article.

LetterSchool (app for kids)

£4.99 on iOS and Android


Top five apps for parents and kids

LetterSchool is my three-year old’s favourite app at the moment. She loves learning and writing her letters and numbers and this app does just that! It covers uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. For each letter there are three stages – stage one you tap where the drawing of the letter should start from and an animation completes the character, stage two you tap and drag from the start to finish and the animation follows you, and stage three, you draw the character with only the start and end points for guidance. A free version is available with just the letters A-E if you want to try it out first and there’s a UK edition with a British voice and pronunciation.

Code-a-pillar (app for kids)

Free on iOS


Top five apps for parents and kids

This free Fisher Price app introduces toddlers/preschoolers to the world of programming (very close to my heart). There are Code-a-pillar toys, but this app doesn’t need the toy to be able to work. There are 13 levels and in each level you complete the code-a-pillar’s path to using direction arrows, actions (like dig) and special items (like dance). Once you complete the path stages you have to feed the code-a-pillar the right number of leaves – this is my daughter’s favourite bit!

Wunderlist (apps for parents)

Free on iOS, Android, web and more


Top five apps for parents and kids

I don’t know where I’d be without this app! With working part-time, looking after the kids and not getting much sleep I was forgetting all sorts of things and getting quite stressed about it. There are many to do list style apps out there but my husband suggested I tried this one and I love it! It synchronises across all my devices (computer, tablet and phone) and I have lists for work, home, shopping and even writing this article! It lets me write down what’s in my head so I don’t forget, and tick items off (always the best bit!) once they’re done.