When the time comes to buying a new pushchair for your child there are many factors to consider and think over, even if you have made a pushchair purchase before.  First of all, don’t rush in and buy the first pushchair that you see, think about it and do some research!  Ask yourself some questions,

  • What is on my wish list?
  • What is my lifestyle?
  • What is my budget?

Spend some time visiting your local retailers and look at what is available on the shop floor, have a play with the models and chat with friends who have children, what did they find good or bad on their pushchair?  Look at the styles that suit both you and your needs, create a wish list of the models that appeal to you and then check and double check how they will fit in with your lifestyle,

  • How big do you need the pushchair to be?
  • What are you going to be doing with it?
  • Where do you live?
  • Forward or rear facing, suitable from birth?
  • What car seat do you want?

If you are considering the possibility that you may want another child then perhaps look towards a model of pushchair that came become a tandem, or if you know that is not the case then you can narrow your search accordingly.  What are your surroundings and what will you be doing with the pushchair, if you live in an urban environment and will rarely visit the countryside then your needs will obviously differ from a mother who lives in the countryside and may be looking for a more off road friendly stroller.  When out and about with your child do you want them to be facing you or looking at the world around them, choosing a pushchair that does both gives you the option to make that decision on a daily basis. Is the pushchair suitable straight from birth with a lie flat seat or will you need a carrycot also?  The choice of car seat is an incredibly important one, in fact so much so that some people choose the car seat first and then select their pushchair according to compatibility with the chosen car seat.  Consider the initial weight of the car seat and then imagine that now with the weight of your bundle of joy inside who keeps on getting bigger and heavier, then consider that you will be lifting this in and out of your car and home frequently.  Try your chosen car seat on your preferred chassis, what does it look like? How does it push? How heavy is it?

And finally the question of budget, are you a brand and style conscious buyer or do you prefer the more practical option?

These tips are not in any way set in stone but just to give an insight as everyone’s requirements are different, there are some truly amazing pushchairs available in the market place at the moment that will fit into all budget categories and will do some or all of the things that you require as a parent, the tough job for you is finding the right one so our very final tip is to do your research!