BabyStyle UK Ltd was established in Leicestershire in 1999 as a family company by a father and son duo and at that time the company concentrated on one solitary brand of pushchair and the total number of employees was 8.  Fast forward to 2016 where it is now a husband and wife run organisation; they have a team of 30 employees, worldwide sales and a portfolio that extends out to 8 unique pushchair brands and a furniture collection that incorporates 5 differing ranges, it would be safe to say that some things have changed dramatically for BabyStyle but reassuringly they have also stayed the same with the focus on the family values that were so important 17 years previously.

Pushchair designs and styles have altered over the years that BabyStyle has been in business and this has always been reflected in the products that BabyStyle have offered, back in 1999 the catalogue offered a choice of one brand and a handful of styles, the 2017 BabyStyle collection however has two catalogues and a massive array of choice of chassis and colours throughout.

2009 saw a ground breaking year for BabyStyle when the Oyster brand pushchair was launched, this had been designed and bought to market by the company as a quality yet value for money stroller and since its inception it has received numerous awards and accolades, the Oyster2 followed and this has just undergone a complete face lift of fabrics and colours to keep the brand modern and up to the minute.

After the success of the Oyster attention moved to the design and production of the egg.  The egg is the premium brand that BabyStyle produces, it is sleek, sophisticated and just looks totally amazing!  Moving on from the egg the opportunity presented itself to produce a completely unique stroller and from that design the Hybrid was born.  The Hybrid has been marketed as a “Stroller without compromise”, it has taken just over three years to make it from an inspired idea into reality and is due for launch very shortly.  The concept of the Hybrid is that from one single chassis you can have access to three strollers, the Hybrid edge, the Hybrid city or the Hybrid tandem, simply by changing the axle, truly innovative.

BabyStyle Hybrid

BabyStyle Hybrid

The Hybrid is the latest chapter in the BabyStyle story that has seen the company evolve from a pram and pushchair distributor into a design house bringing exciting new products onto the market, the mission statement now being “designing solution’s for modern living”.

For more information on BabyStyle and egg and to see the current product range please visit the respective websites, either on or, alternatively keep up to date with them via their social media accounts.