There are always new products coming to the market for mum and baby, but Janey-Lee Grace has long  been a fan of natural and organic skincare for babies but things have really moved on since she had her own children and now the range of products available is huge.

The Platinum Awards have had some awesome entries this year, in association with UK Health radio, and the team have been amazed by how broody it has made them feel, Janey’s family is intact but in a few years….hopefully she will become a grandmum!

Lis Protherough is the founder of Easy Mom and Baby, she is passionate about making a new mums life easier and has some lovely products which she has entered into the awards including a soft bamboo muslin, everyone needs to ‘mop up’ with a baby around and also cover up when necessary. They have also entered this innovative Baby bonding bracelet, for the mother to wear, it’s crafted from natural rose quartz, a semi-precious stone known to evoke greater love and affection. It’s great for a pregnancy gift or baby shower.

The Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards

Easy Mom and Baby, NYP & Baby Calendula, Babycup

Inlight Online are another favourite skincare company who have entered their NYP & Baby Calendula soothing balm, it’s one hundred per cent organic and great for delicate skin. The creator Mariono Spiezia has formulated this with bio-active botanica ingredients with healing and soothing properties, great for sore nipples and as it contains food grade ingredients it doesn’t need to be washed off before breastfeeding.

Once you’re onto the weaning stage it’s time for the innovative Babycup, little open cups that encourage fine motor skills and don’t impair speech development, they’re loved by health professionals and especially dentists who see a real difference in the dental health of children who use open cups rather than conventional sippy cups with spouts.

The Janey Loves 2016 Platinum Awards

One of the favourite natural skincare companies is Chuckling Goat, they make kefir based skincare and the founder Shann Jones really believes that healing the gut is the key to healing the skin. They have entered some brand new products for babies including some gorgeous bath melts and the Baby Kefir Lotion handmade with goats milk and finnish oat oil…sssh don’t tell, but Janey is using it too, it doesn’t know how old she is…!

Platinum Awards

The Award winners will be announced in the Platinum awards on Friday September 30th, so you still just have time to vote.

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