Why do new mums get stuck in a wardrobe rut?  As your bump starts to grow naturally you start to think about a maternity wardrobe, comfy but stylish items that will get you to “Birthday” looking and feeling great and there’s no shortage of choices out there for you to do just that, whatever your budget.

Once your little one has arrived you goal will no doubt be to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes as soon as possible, but what about the time in between, when your body is adjusting to motherhood, lack of sleep and the time pressures that this new little person is putting upon you?

Whilst there will always be amazing women who snap back into shape, manage to accessorize, layer and dress to impress even with a new baby in tow, sadly for the rest of us those first few weeks can represent something of a post baby style crisis!!  In fact a whopping 87% of new mums say their impractical clothes are redundant once the moment baby arrives.

This leaves many new mums stuck in a wardrobe rut and means many new mums wear the same tired outfits several times a week.

After all, with over 3/4 of mums agreeing their babies have a better wardrobe than them, it’s time to up the mummy style stakes!

Why new mums get stuck in a wardrobe rut

  • Rationed Fashion:
    nearly all mums agree their wardrobes are useless post baby, as prebirth outfits become impractical when looking after a new-born
  • The Breastfeed Need:
    a quarter of mums have no clothes they feel they can breastfeed in, resulting in awkward manoeuvers and complicated layering
  • Testing Time:
    mums spend on average less time getting themselves ready in the morning after a baby – with a many mums taking an impressive five minutes or less; hardly surprising given half of new mums don’t have time to think clothes, so just need go-to, dependable staples
  • Inspiration Deprivation:
    many new mums lack inspiration on what to wear once their little one arrives, meaning they depend on a casual centric wardrobe
  • Sensitive Skin:
    the most common clothes avoided by mums are tight clothing , anything with buttons, unnatural fabrics, scratchy textures and zips  – as mums experience sensitive skin in the early months of motherhood
  • Mirror, mirror:
    a third of  new mums rarely or never have time to look in the mirror – with most agreeing they are too busy to think about how they look; so they need style tips they can trust
  • Budget bores:
    mums spend nearly half the amount of clothes on themselves once they have had their little one, dropping around 50% compared to pre-baby spending per month – so they need to be clever with what they already have
  • Re-addressing Dressing:
    before birth, mums tended to prioritise fashion, but after having a baby, practicality is most important to and fashion only important to a few new mums – but it is possible to have both!