Peezy Midstream – kiss goodbye to hit-and-miss ante-natal screening

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful things that can happen in our lives but it’s also fair to say that there are a number of challenges that we have to face during pregnancy, one being having to provide a urine sample!

Urine is a magical liquid and is full of useful information.   It’s sometimes described as the window to your health and a clean window, in other words a clean midstream urine (MSU) sample, will lead to a prompt accurate diagnosis and treatment.   An accurate MSU can help identify pre-eclampsia, maternal diabetes, UTI and confirm the good health of mother and baby.

Peezy MidstreamNumerous samples are likely to be requested by your midwife or doctor during this special time and this is where the Peezy Midstream comes in.

The Peezy Midstream is a clever device invented by GP Dr Vincent Forte that enables you to provide a clean MSU sample easily, hygienically and with dignity.   Research by leading medical organisations has proven that samples collected using Peezy drives down contamination rates from an average 30% to only 1.5% and even more importantly, enables right-first-time diagnosis.

The design of the Peezy Midstream is particularly suitable for pregnant ladies, especially as the bump grows.   Its funnel shape fits neatly against your body and as you start to pee it rejects the first-flush of urine, which can carry naturally occurring bacteria that may contaminate your specimen. Peezy then captures the information-rich midstream and diverts overflow into the loo. It really couldn’t be easier or cleaner – and your hands and bottle remain dry.

Accurate health screening is never more important than during pregnancy.   Now you can request a Peezy Midstream from your midwife or GP, free on prescription – a form can be downloaded here.  Alternatively visit or email for further information.  Peezy Midstream – kiss goodbye to hit-and-miss screening.

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