When a new baby arrives there’s no doubt that sleep and recovery for baby and mum are essential and we’ve got an amazing bundle worth over £60 to help your little one (and you!) get those much needed zzzzz’s!

Ewan the Dream SheepEwan The Dream Sheep

ewan the Dream sheep is designed to soothe unsettled children and promote healthy sleep patterns. The sheep closely mimics certain sounds from the womb – helping to trigger a calming reflex from the comfort of your baby’s cot.

The heartbeat and womb sounds are actual recordings,  proven to have a calming effect with even the most unsettled baby. Vacuum cleaner, rain and harp recordings together with the womb sequence provide 4 different calming ‘pink noise’ sound tracks to choose from and all are combined with mum’s resting heartbeat to provide extra reassurance. The sounds, which play for 20 minutes,  are all recorded at the low base frequency the baby can predominantly hear when in the womb  – 125Hz pink noise range – which is why they work so well at settling little ones off to sleep.

It’s not just about the sounds either.  The soothing pink glow that is emitted from ewan the dream sheep® is reminiscent of your little one’s time in your tum and is therefore calming and reassuring.


The other fantastic prize available is the Snugglebundl, the world’s first baby lifting wrap, which can simply be used as a cosy blanket to wrap your baby for naps or to safely move them from the car seat, pram or crib without disturbing their sleep. The incredibly simple idea was originally conceived and designed for parents and for carers to reduce the amount of bending and stooping to pick up, lay down or move their newborn babies and to be able to move a baby easily while they are sleeping. The reduced strain on the body, when using the Snugglebundl, means that mums who need to recover from C-section or post birth difficulties will find this product very helpful.


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The Prize

We have ONE Sleepy Baby Prize Bundle to give away containing ONE Ewan the Dream Sheep and ONE Snugglebundl.

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