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Frequently Asked Questions

NowBaby’s interactive online classes are held over Zoom in small groups with other pregnant people usually at a similar stage in their pregnancy. You can take part in all classes from the comfort of your own home and your supporters can join. You will also get a recording of each class the following morning!

Not at all. During the class, participants have the option of having their cameras on and are all given a link at the end of the session to join our special club to chat to each other if you wish, arrange meet ups and compare notes.

NowBaby Live classes can be logged on from Laptops, Pc’s, Android phones/ tablets and well as iPhones and Macs.

All cancellations made at least 48 hours in advance of the class will be refunded in full, after this date can only be exchanged for another time slot. all efforts will be made to find an alternative class for you.

Yes you can ask any question you wish but do remember that there will be up to 15 other participants online in the class that can also hear you.

These classes are suitable for anyone worldwide! Many of the principles that are discussed such as breastfeeding are all compliant with the World Health Organisations evidence and advice. There may be some subtle differences in drug names from country to country for example but the principles of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are the same.

You can never prepare too early for labour and birth, and you’ve probably been reading up on your pregnancy already. Whilst it is a personal choice and we don’t limit what stage in pregnancy you join our courses, if you like to be prepared well in advance, or you are feeling unsure about your care, experience anxiety or need some one-to-one advice, booking in at around 26 weeks is ideal. This provides plenty of time to prepare and help you feel more positive and ready for life with a new baby.

However, many also book later on in their pregnancy – anytime up to 38 weeks. Our weekend and 2-week courses are ideal for those that wish to have a more intensive class or want to have the information fresh in their mind just before their baby arrives.

As experts in antenatal education, we are so passionate about making sure that our courses are accessible and affordable to everyone. We have priced all of our live courses from as little as £79 for this reason – that covers over 10 hours of live and interactive classes, follow up notes and information, a recording of every class and ongoing support from our midwives long after the course has ended.Always look out for special offers and promotions! We also have many pre recorded options available from £25.

All of our classes are run by expert midwives, who have a wealth of experience and love running antenatal classes because they know how important being prepared beforehand can be. Our team of NowBaby midwives all work in NHS hospitals as clinical midwives as well as sharing their knowledge and expertise in our classes too. You will also see the participants of the class who may be on their own, a couple, or with friends and family – however, don’t worry it’s not compulsory to have your camera, only if you choose to.

To ensure that the classes run smoothly, our IT experts will also be in the class making sure that the audio and video quality is perfect and helping to sort out quickly any issues that may arise.

As our classes are online, there is no limit or restrictions on who you bring to the classes. If you have a birth partner who you know will be with you during labour and birth, then it’s great if they can attend. We hear back from so many people that their partner/birth partner found the class so useful in knowing what to expect, how to offer support and what to prepare for.

Your birth partner can be whoever you choose – for some it’s their partner, for others it may be a close friend, mum, sister or a doula.

Absolutely! – Antenatal classes are for anyone who needs them, and our live online classes have a range of people attend, from couples, to people who prefer to join on their own, with other family members and often pets too. As online classes allow people to join from anywhere, we often have birth partners join in from work and watch the class together. All the live classes are also recorded and sent to you to watch back whenever you need to – offering a great chance to revisit the information whenever you need to.

Antenatal classes are an ideal opportunity to learn, understand and prepare for your pregnancy, labour and birth, life after birth and with a new baby. Whilst reading books and articles online can be a really helpful starting point, an antenatal class run by experts such as our midwives, help you navigate and understand what to expect of your care in pregnancy, your choices and options during labour and birth of your baby and prepare for life with a new baby such as learning about breastfeeding and new-born care.

Our courses are online, so from the comfort of your own home, live and fully interactive – so you’ll also get to know others on the course who are at a similar stage in pregnancy as you and share experiences with them too.