Learn at your own pace.

Our caesarean course features a number of easy to absorb lessons that you can watch at times to suit you. Stop and start as you please, making notes as you learn.

Be informed.

These highly informative but non overwhelming sessions will leave you feeling informed and ready to have your baby, whether or not you are planning to have a caesarean.

Taught by trusted, experienced health professionals.

This course is taught by Dr Michelle Robinson an experienced obstetric doctor and Midwife Marley who has helped countless women have their babies via caesarean. Their knowledge and friendly tone will help to put you at ease.

Practical preparation.

Giving birth via caesarean is very different to a vaginal birth, not just the birth itself but the recovery too. Prepare for the postnatal period by listening to our midwife and doctor discuss self care and recovery after the birth.

Caesarean birth prep - What's covered in the course

You will be given access to 10 lessons including a mixture of videos and practical resources from our experienced midwives and obstetric doctor. Learn at your own pace, rewatch, revise, revisit whenever you need to.

  • What they are
  • Why they might be performed
  • Immediate recovery
  • Self care
  • Future pregnancies

Course Overview

This course is perfect for anyone planning a caesarean birth or those wanting to be prepared in the event of an unplanned one. You’ll learn how to prepare practically and mentally, understand the procedure and ways that you can make your experience a positive one. Using the information you learn within this course, you’ll finish feeling informed and ready to have your baby.

Course Leader

Taught by Dr Michelle Robinson, an experienced obstetric doctor who has helped a vast number of people welcome their babies into the world via caesarean, along with midwife Marley Hall, an experienced midwife who has also attended a vast number of caesareans. All the questions you have surrounding caesarean births are covered.

What you’ll learn

Jam packed full of information about caesareans, you’ll learn about: What a caesarean is, why they may be recommended, requesting a caesarean for non medical reasons, the decision making process, what you might need to bring with you on the day, what happens when you arrive at the hospital, what to do if you go into labour before a planned caesarean, how your birth partner can support you, anaesthesia and what happens in the theatre, immediate recovery in hospital, caring for your baby after a caesarean, going home, caring for yourself in the days and weeks after a caesarean

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    Caesarean Birth Prep Course

    Complete preparation for a caesarean.

    Caesarean FAQ

    Caesareans can be either planned (elective) or unplanned (emergency).

    A caesarean is major surgery that does come with risks so the decision to have one will need to be considered carefully. In the event that a caesarean has been recommended or requested, It’s important to be informed about the process every step of the way.

    An elective caesarean is one which is planned during the pregnancy. It may be planned for numerous reasons, many of which are discussed in the course. Most planned caesareans are due to medical reasons as it’s deemed safer for either mother or baby to give birth that way. Occasional, women will plan to have one out of choice. If this is something that you want to do, all of the risks and benefits can be discussed with your care provider.

    Most people will feel soreness and discomfort after the surgery but wont feel anything during it. Once the initial anaesthetic has worn off, regular painkillers can be taken afterwards, some needing them for several weeks after the birth.