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NowBaby is all about your pregnancy, babies and toddlers and so much more…..

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NowBaby TV

NowBaby TV is a unique information channel reaching parents-to-be in hospital antenatal waiting rooms nationwide providing factual help, advice, promotions and entertainment.

NowBaby Live

NowBaby Live online interactive antenatal classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home. Ran by midwives, you can learn and ask questions via the online video link.

Giving Birth

Share your Fertility and birth stories with us

Share your Fertility and birth stories with us We are looking for women from around the globe to share their fertility (Trying to conceive) and birth stories with us. Perhaps [...]


Twins & Multiples

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What is placenta accreta?

What is placenta accreta? The placenta is a fleshy organ that provides your unborn baby with oxygen and nutrients, enabling your baby to grow healthily. Sometimes problems can arise with the placenta, some problems being [...]