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Antenatal Classes

Our course of eight 90 minute Midwife-run Antenatal Classes from the comfort of your own home covering all aspects of pregnancy right through to baby first aid.
Eight classes £120 (Use code SPRING21 at checkout to receive your 25% discount)

Just Pregnant

Just Pregnant

Our 90 minute session is for the newly pregnant to understand the many changes that are happening, explore care options and receive vital information on keeping healthy in pregnancy before more formal antenatal care begins


Postnatal Classes

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Antenatal Course Overview

Our course consists of 8 classes. 

  1. Journey to Motherhood
  2. Preparing Mind and Body
  3. Labour and Birth Process
  4. Birth Managemement
  5. Your New Baby
  6. The New Mum
  7. Breastfeeding
  8. Baby First Aid
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What People Say….

Wonderfully informative and well presented. You clearly love your job and have such a passion for it. Thank you.


Thank you for the wonderful class yesterday. It was very informative and helpful I felt free and comfortable to express my fears and I enjoyed the support you provided. I am looking forward to part two.


A very informative and helpful course. The midwife was friendly and engaging. I’d definitely recommend it to other expectant mums!


It was a really good class. Very informative and good to hear. You cover multiple points and explained the pain relief clearly.


Advice and Tips

Optimal Positions For Labour & Birth

Optimal Positions For Labour & Birth

We’ve all watched labour and birth on tv or in films – and 9/10 births will be happening on a hospital bed of some kind, imbedding into everyone’s mind that birth has to take place on a bed lying down on your back.
In reality, lying on your back in labour can be a real hindrance… fact the more upright you are, with gravity on your side the better.

Your Hospital Bag Essentials

Your Hospital Bag Essentials

Most of us in the third trimester will find some kind of urge to start nesting – planning, preparing and getting everything ready for baby’s arrival. One of the most common questions we as midwives are asked about is what to pack in the birth centre/hospital bag.
So read on for our top tips on how to pack your hospital bag.

Meconium: Your Baby’s First Poo

Meconium: Your Baby’s First Poo

Whilst the first few hours and days after your baby’s birth can be a magical time……there are also much messier and less photogenic aspects of newborn life you’ll need to be prepared. Your baby’s first few poos fall firmly into this category – and despite not being a dinner table conversation, it’s important and actually quite fascinating!