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Online Live and On Demand ante and postnatal care from the comfort of your own home, delivered to you by expert healthcare professionals.

Experience the evolution of antenatal education with NowBaby Live, NowBaby On Demand, and personalised 1-2-1 expert care, all from the comfort of your home. As the trailblazing force behind online antenatal education in the UK, the NowBaby Group has redefined prenatal and postnatal classes. Our courses, curated by expert healthcare professionals, guarantee top-notch support.

For over two decades, NowBaby has been a pioneer in expert assistance, initially through our dedicated TV channel in maternity and antenatal clinics nationwide and now through a diverse range of live and pre-recorded courses. Committed to providing effective and accessible antenatal education, we ensure the most positive outcomes and experiences, filling the gap left by the NHS funding crisis that forced many trusts to withdraw.

Meet our team of experts at NowBaby, including midwives, paediatricians, fertility specialists, obstetricians, health visitors, lactation consultants, and more. Each professional is dedicated to your well-being, contributing to over two decades of NowBaby’s commitment to excellence in antenatal care.

NowBaby Live

Step into the world of NowBaby Live, a revolutionary concept born in 2018 to seamlessly integrate with the vibrant lives of parents-to-be. Experience the richness of traditional courses from the cosy embrace of your home, where convenience and flexibility take centre stage. Our dynamic eight-module antenatal course, live-streamed, epitomises modern parenting education tailored for busy couples and their birthing partners.

Led by our esteemed lead midwife, Amina Hatia, NowBaby Live offers expectant parents a cutting-edge experience with up-to-date content delivered by qualified midwives. Immerse yourself in our Live courses, where two-way video conferencing fosters a sense of connection among participants. Engage in lively discussions, ask questions in real-time, and cap off each session with an enlightening Q&A. As a thoughtful touch, class notes are promptly emailed to participants, serving as a handy recap of the invaluable insights gained.

Perfect for both first-time parents and those seeking a refresher since their last bundle of joy, our courses maintain unwavering quality across various formats, accommodating your diverse schedules. Choose from a range of options spanning one day to four weeks, and embark on a journey of learning that adapts to your lifestyle seamlessly. Elevate your parenting preparation with NowBaby Live — because education should be as dynamic as parenthood itself.

NowBaby On Demand

Unleash the power of personalised learning with NowBaby ON DEMAND — where information meets your pace, your way. Dive into a curated collection of pre-recorded courses and classes, accessible for download and viewing over an indulgent 12-month period. Whether you’re navigating the exciting journey of antenatal or exploring postnatal options, our courses are crafted to cater to your every need.

Embark on a transformative experience with our most sought-after ON DEMAND course: Hypnobirthing. Delve into the realm of calm and confidence, led by industry experts Marley Hall, fondly known as ‘Midwife Marley,’ and the esteemed ‘Dr. Carly,’ aka Professor Carly Fertleman. Each ON DEMAND class is a masterclass in its own right, hosted by specialists passionate about guiding you through every step of your parenthood adventure.

Choose the freedom to learn when and where you want, with the assurance that you’re tapping into the expertise of leaders in their respective fields. NowBaby ON DEMAND invites you to savour the luxury of knowledge on your terms — because your journey to parenthood deserves nothing less.

From Pre-pregnancy to Preschool

Embark on a comprehensive journey with NowBaby, where we extend invaluable support and guidance to parents and parents-to-be, starting from the magical moment of conception all the way through pregnancy to the preschool years. Elevate your parenting experience with our weekly guide, offering insightful glimpses into what to expect during your pregnancy.

Immerse yourself in a world of interactive, expert support curated with care and backed by registered midwives and specialists. At NowBaby, we go beyond the ordinary, providing everything a parent-to-be could hope for in terms of advice and support. Our commitment extends to collaborating with top-tier parenting brands, hosting exciting competitions, and offering engaging Live social Q&As to enrich your parenting journey.

Discover a realm where expertise meets compassion and where your questions find meaningful answers. NowBaby is your trusted companion, dedicated to making every step of your parenting adventure extraordinary.