About Us

Online Live and On Demand ante and postnatal care from the comfort of your own home, delivered to you by expert healthcare professionals.

NowBaby Live & NowBaby On Demand brought to you by the NowBaby Group – the pioneering provider of online antenatal education, have reshaped the face of pre and postnatal classes in the UK.

Effective, accessible antenatal education is an essential component to help to ensure a positive birth outcome and experience. Hospitals have traditionally been the largest provider of this service. However, owing to the funding crisis in the NHS, many trusts have withdrawn their free classes.

The challenge of dealing with the ever-changing social distancing and lockdown regulations and parents-to-be do not know where to turn. NowBaby Live is the perfect solution, answering the concerns from expectant parents nationally. We’re here to help in a way that best suits YOU!

The NowBaby team is full of experts in their own field including midwives, paediatricians, fertility experts, obstetricians, health visitors, lactation consultants and many more!

NowBaby LIVE

NowBaby Live was created in 2018 to fit into the busy lives of parents-to-be and allow them the benefits of traditional courses, but from the comfort of their own home, with convenience and flexibility in mind. At the time we could not have foreseen just how necessary and in demand our services would be! Our signature eight-class course is broadcast live or at a time that suits best – the perfect solution for busy mums-to-be and their birthing partners. NowBaby Live provides expectant parents with up-to-date content delivered by qualified midwives. NowBaby Live courses are run by our lead midwife Amina Hatia.

Our Live courses are based on two-way video conferencing, with all participants able to see, speak and interact with each other and includes a Q&A session at the end of the class. Class notes are emailed to participants as a reminder of what they have learned.  

Our signature antenatal course is perfect for newly expectant parents or for those simply wanting an update since their last baby.  


For those who prefer to access information at their own pace we have recently launched NowBaby ON DEMAND, a series of courses and classes to download and watch over a period of 12 months. Hypnobirthing is our most popular ON DEMAND course. ON DEMAND classes are hosted experts: Marley Hall ‘Midwife Marley’ and ‘Dr Carly’ aka Professor Carly Fertleman.     


The NowBaby Group

NowBaby Online  is part of the NowBaby network, which was founded over 20 years ago. We offer parents invaluable support and advice via our TV Screen network in NHS ante natal clinics across England and Wales every step of the way, right from conception all the way to toddler years, including a weekly guide on what to expect during your pregnancy. We provide interactive, expert support. Everything a parent-to-be could hope for in terms of advice and support backed by registered midwives and experts. NowBaby work extensively with parenting brands and host competitions as well as offering Q&As and much more.