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Successful breastfeeding requires knowledge along with support. Midwife Marley Hall and breastfeeding specialist Miriam Feen IBCLC will teach you all you need to give you and your baby the best start and help for continuing your breastfeeding journey.
What Is Covered In The Course
You will be given access to 9 lessons including a mixture of videos and practical resources. Learn at your own pace, rewatch, revise, revisit whenever you need to.

Benefits for mother and benefits for baby.

Milk production, let down reflex & colostrum.

Changes from colostrum to full milk, quantities and composition.

Explanation of different positions, good latch technique & avoiding nipple trauma.

Bonding, attachment & communication.

Reading babies early feeding cues.

Practical demonstrations, milk storage and safety guidelines.

What is colostrum harvesting and why do it, who should consider it and why.

Troubleshooting breastfeeding issues & causes of breastfeeding issues.

Understanding babies feeding habits, when growth spurts occur.

How to encourage and maintain a good milk supply through diet and fluids.

Course Overview

Breastfeeding can bring a lot of joy when done successfully, and for many people, it can be an easy, uneventful journey.

Many others however, face challenges when feeding so having all the information you need before you start can be extremely valuable.

If you are or have decided to breastfeed, this evidence based course aims to inform and support you and your baby to get the best start. During the antenatal class we explore common issues related to breastfeeding and what can be done to deal with any challenges.

This class aims to cover all you need to know to start breastfeeding; learn about the first days and weeks of breastfeeding your baby and how to continue with confidence. We explore in detail all aspects of breastfeeding and don’t shy away from talking about some of the challenges and how to overcome them.

Course Leaders

This programme is led by Marley Hall (Midwife Marley) who is a leading UK midwife, author, speaker, and mother of 5.

Lactation Consultant Miriam Feen been supporting families for 15 years with all aspects of infant feeding from the antenatal period to wherever they choose to end their feeding journey and anything in between. She is particularly passionate about antenatal education.

What you will learn

Breastfeeding is entirely natural, but it’s also a skill that needs to be learnt.  Which is why we here at Now Baby feel that our antenatal breastfeeding class is essential for all parents-to-be.

Our breastfeeding class is ideal for parents-to-be to explore breastfeeding in the antenatal period and what options they can choose to feed their baby.  There are plenty of practical and interactive examples used by our midwives to help you cut through the jargon and really understand aspects such as latching on, how to hand express milk or what positions to use when. All of our advice is evidence-based to ensure you are getting the best advice to guide you in your baby’s feeding journey.

Once you complete the course, you’ll find that having all this knowledge will give you a head start in your breastfeeding journey.

Be informed

The knowledge you will gain from the course will help you to make your own informed decisions about your birth and provide you will a range of tools that you can practice with at home in preparation for the day you will meet your baby.

Taught by qualified NHS professionals

Our experts have extensive experience working in the NHS and private sector to provide you with the best bespoke one-to-one care and support.

Marley Hall BA RM Diphe
Associate Midwife
Miriam Feen IBCLC
Lactation Consultant IBCLC

Loved By Our Customers

Wonderfully informative and well presented. You clearly love your job and have such a passion for it. Thank you.
A very informative and helpful course. The midwife was friendly and engaging. I’d definitely recommend it to other expectant mums!
It was a really good class. Very informative and good to hear. You cover multiple points and explained the pain relief clearly.