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Breastfeeding – be honest with mums

“Is breastfeeding always natural?” is a question that one of the world’s most influential breastfeeding experts answered at Medela’s International Breastfeeding and Lactation Symposium earlier this month.  Prof Diane Spatz honesty was truly inspiring and was met with unanimous praise [...]


Tea at the Ready…The Big Breastfeeding Café is Back

The Big Breastfeeding Café, led by breastfeeding brand Medela, is back for its second year! The hugely successful celebration of breastfeeding is set to engage the nation once again as families join together to chat all things breastfeeding, share experiences [...]


Breastfeeding – helping to enable mothers – it’s more than just food

Breastfeeding - it is more than just food... But the responsibility for the acceptance, encouragement and support of breastfeeding needs to change from just being directed at the parents. Unicef UK's Baby Friendly Initiative is calling on the UK and [...]


Breastfeeding positions: are you sitting comfortably?

Whilst we're told that it's the most natural thing in the world, the truth is that for many of us, breastfeeding just doesn't come naturally!  Sore nipples, engorged breasts and a hungry baby aren't a great combination, throw in a [...]


Breastfeeding twins – your questions answered.

The thought of breastfeeding just one baby can be daunting enough, yet when you have two at once it can be a terrifying prospect, not only terms of positioning, winding and soreness, but also in terms of milk supply....  Here, [...]


Breastfeeding: what I can and can’t eat…

After 9 months of avoiding soft cheese, pate and hard boiling your eggs, suddenly you're free to eat whatever you like again without worrying about the impact on your unborn baby.  However, don't go diving headfirst into the prosecco just [...]