Week 3 of Pregnancy

Written by Amina Hatia RM and medically reviewed by Marley Hall RM

Published on November 24, 2021
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This is the big week – the real start of your pregnancy journey! Despite getting ready for pregnancy in the previous two weeks, this is the week when the big event – conception – starts and your pregnancy begins!

What happens in week 3 of pregnancy

The egg that your ovary released during ovulation has now met the sperm and the two have joined together to create your baby – a huge momentous event, but one that doesn’t have any real signs!  

At this stage your baby is a minute ball of hundreds of cells that are multiplying and also at the same time getting ready to start burrowing into the lovely lining of your womb.

Although tiny in size, this ball of cells that is your baby will be undergoing mighty changes very soon. Each aspect has a unique and special purpose – the cells in the middle are your developing baby, whilst cells on the outside develop into your baby’s placenta which will be the baby’s power source during pregnancy, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your baby and getting rid of any waste too.

Week 3 pregnancy symptoms

All of these momentous changes are happening – but you are probably unaware and are going about your business.  It’s a little too early for pregnancy symptoms to really set in, but some of you may be aware of feeling different, but not quite sure why.

Sense of smell

Your body is primed and ready for your baby – but you may not notice many changes happening.  As with last week you may feel a little bloated or tired but other than that not much else.  Some women find that their sense of smell becomes heightened and sensitive – you may notice smells more and find you are more reactive to them than usual.

Body temperature

If you are keeping an eye on your body temperature to detect ovulation, you may find that it’s showing as being a little higher.

Sore breasts

Similarly, your breasts may also begin to feel a little sensitive or sore – again not everyone will experience this and if you don’t, don’t worry – it’s still very early and symptoms vary from person to person.

How big is my baby?

Have we mentioned tiny? There isn’t a better description but if you need something to compare to, a vanilla bean seed – that tiny fleck that you notice in your baking or vanilla infused custard is a good description.  Tiny – yes, but growing and doing huge, huge things all the time.

As your tiny baby begins their journey down your fallopian tube to your uterus, where the baby will implant at the beginning of week four, those cells will keep dividing and changing.

Week 3 pregnancy tips

What you can do this week

  • Try and find relaxing activities, especially if you are anxious about getting pregnant
  • Keep up the gentle exercise and healthy eating
  • Cut out the vices – smoking, alcohol and caffeine 
  • Whilst some pregnancy test can detect this early – it’s best to wait until week three 
  • Drink plenty of water – especially if you are feeling bloated
  • Keep taking those pregnancy vitamins – folic acid and now add in vitamin D too.

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