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Week 10 of Pregnancy

Written by Amina Hatia RM
Medically reviewed by Marley Hall BA RM Diphe
December 01, 2021

At ten weeks of pregnancy, you may find that the waistband of your jeans/skirt is starting to feel a little bit snug – you may even find yourself popping open a button or two for comfort!

It’s an adjustment – there is no right or wrong way to feel, but understanding the changes, finding out what they mean and connecting with your baby can all help you feel better prepared.  We have lots of blog posts and advice and tips that can be a good starting point, so do have a nosey at them.

How big is my baby?

This week your baby is the size of a large strawberry – fruits seem to be the best way of describing baby sizes at this stage!  At around 30mm long, your baby is making huge strides in their development – the heart is now fully formed and beating on its own – so you have inside you, two hearts beating – although baby’s heart rate is much faster, around 180 beats per minute. 

The finer details continue to develop and emerge too – your baby’s ears are now protruding and ear canal developing, nostrils have appeared and even jawbones are forming.

You may be shocked that even tiny little tooth buds, which will erupt as your baby’s first teeth after they are born are already deep in place in your strawberry sized baby’s gums!

What happens in week 10 of pregnancy?

Whilst baby is strawberry sized, your uterus is growing too and is now the size of a large orange.Β  This may mean you begin to see an emergence of a bump, or you may not – we are all very different and there is no set way of looking.Β  If you are pregnant with twins or multiples, you may find that the β€˜bump’ is a bit more obvious – but not always.

Your baby is growing and starting to take up more room and this may cause you to reach for the stretchy waistbands and tops.  Whilst your body will be changing a lot in the weeks and months ahead, it can take time to adjust to the changes.  If this is your first pregnancy, it can feel strange to imagine your bump growing and you may be worried about how this will impact your self-image, your activities and even your work.

Week 10 pregnancy symptoms

Headaches – You may be struggling with headaches – another common pregnancy symptom to add to the list. Headaches in pregnancy in the first trimester are mainly caused by your hormones – yep they have a lot to answer for!

The increased blood volume and for some, a sensitivity to Oestrogen (a huge pregnancy hormone) causes headaches.  For others its due to tiredness, sleeplessness and other symptoms such as nausea.  If you had a strong caffeine habit before you became pregnant and are now sensibly cutting back, the withdrawal may also be to blame.

Pain relief – It can be hard to determine what you can do to relieve pregnancy related aches and pains such as headaches.

Drink plenty of water – dehydration is the cause of a lot of issues. Take sips of water if you are struggling with drinking a glass full but keeping hydrated will really help.  

You can also take pain relief such as paracetamol – it is however important to take it for shortest time and lowest dose possible.  If you’re unsure of what the right and safe dose is discuss this with your pharmacist who is a great source of advice.

Avoid taking other painkillers – such as aspirin (unless prescribed for you), any containing codeine, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen – unless of course your doctor has prescribed them for you and is aware you are pregnant. 

Week 10 pregnancy tips

  • Start thinking about your scan in the next few weeks – who will you take with you, will you want a photo, can you get a photo, what do you need to do to prepare
  • Have you been fitted for a pregnancy bra yet – if not, have a look into your options and consider getting a few to take you through the next few months.
  • If you are having your baby in the winter flu season you will be offered the flu vaccine after your first scan – have a read around why all pregnant women in the UK are offered the flu vaccine and what you feel about this, so you can make an informed decision.